Netflix's new dating show 'Sexy Beasts' has contestants wear elaborate prosthetics on blind dates.


'Sexy Beasts' Is Netflix's New Acid-Trip Dating Show

Finally a show that asks: is dating any better wearing a face full of prosthetics?

Could you fall in love with someone based on their personality alone? What if you never saw their face? What if you couldn’t see their face because they were disguised as a panda, perhaps, or an alien?

Netflix is putting yet another spin on the reality dating format with its new disguised-at-first-sight series, Sexy Beasts. This competition challenges people to go on blind dates while wearing elaborate prosthetics — think The Masked Singer meets Love is Blind, with a dash of The Bachelor (and maybe a microdose of acid). In this show, participants will have to find love without letting vanity get in the way, and from the looks of things, it won’t be easy.

The first trailer for Sexy Beasts was released this afternoon, and shows its contestants struggling to connect under their strange circumstances. A man dressed up as a fox inexplicably asks, “Would you count this as a weird experience for you?” Meanwhile, a scarecrow sheepishly tells his dolphin date, “Uh, I like your fin.”

Don’t worry though, it gets weirder! After going on a series of dates the episode’s “star” is required to pick their “Sexy Beast,” final rose style. Will they take off their masks to cry or can that be CGI’d in?

All will be revealed on July 13, when the show premieres globally on Netflix. And, according to Variety, it's already been renewed for a second season.