Leah Dou showing her tattoos on NYLON's "Show + Tell"


Leah Dou Explains Why You Should Never Overthink Tattoos

Tunes and tattoos

Remember how much fun Show + Tell was back in kindergarten? You’d get to bring in something cool from your home life, share it with all your friends at school, and tell them all about it. Worlds collided! It was the best. It’s how we made all our BFFs. Well, get ready for NYLON’s Show + Tell update, in which we ask our favorite artists to show us something from their lives and tell us all about it, leaving us all feeling like we’re friends for life. Or something like that.

As a singer-songwriter, Leah Dou expresses herself best through her music. But another way she channels her creativity is through body art. Dou has 10 tattoos, and while she admits that not all of them have definitive meanings, they all tell a story, with every design reminding her of a specific time or place in her life.

Learn more about Dou's dope tats and tunes in the video, above.