9 Shows For 'Insecure' Fans, From Stylized Dramas To Dark Comedies

Issa Rae's hit HBO show may be coming to an end, but there's still plenty to watch.

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Insecure is hard to categorize, but it is part of a lineage of stylized prestige shows with a focus on friendships and failures. So while the cult favorite, Issa Rae-led show may be coming to an end, there's still plenty to watch. Read on for our suggestions.


Girlfriends is in many ways a direct predecessor to Insecure, as a story centered on the lives of Black women as they navigate their professional, social, and love lives. Starring a young Tracee Ellis Ross, the classic sitcom was a cultural phenomenon in its own right. Netflix


Donald Glover's mesmerizing FX show about young adulthood in modern day Atlanta touches on many of the same themes as its oft-compared sister show, Insecure — from friendship, to dating, to racial inequality in America. Hulu, Amazon Prime


Lena Dunham and her first show, Girls, may inspire a love/hate relationship with its audience, but it shares many elements with Insecure, from female friendship, to navigating early adulthood in a big city, to the ups and downs of dating. HBO Max, Hulu


P-Valley has everything: intrigue, drama, love triangles, setting as character, lush styling, and a perfectly curated soundtrack. Starz


This sweetly dry comedy about twenty-somethings in Portland, Oregon touches on the usual themes of dating, career, friendship and changing relationships with one’s parents, as SNL’s Aidy Bryant contends with her relationship with her body and her burgeoning writing career. Hulu

Search Party

Another dark comedy about a self-absorbed millennial friend group, starring Alia Shawkat and adding elements of intrigue and psychological thrillers. HBO Max

I May Destroy You

Michaela Coel's debut tells the story of Arabella, a young London woman who must reassess her relationships and life after being raped. I May Destroy You is darkly comedic in its exploration of trauma, managing to find the messy humanity in every situation. HBO Max


Euphoria is, in many ways, Insecure's moody little sister — visually and thematically, and in the enthusiastic fandom both inspire. With leads like Issa Rae and Zendaya, surrounded by stellar ensemble casts, what's not to love? HBO Max


Claws uses dark humor to tell tales of “female badness,” set in a South Florida nail salon where five women navigate drama-filled lives and their relationships with each other. Hulu

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