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Ask A Singer

Soccer Mommy Answers Your Life Questions

The Sometimes, Forever singer responds to reader questions about life and love.

Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison is not one for sitting still. Just two years after the release of her stellar sophomore album color theory, the Nashville-based singer is back with its equally impressive followup, Sometimes, Forever, out Friday. Over the past few weeks, the band has shared four singles from the upcoming LP, played Governors Ball (and headlined their own Governors Ball After Dark show at Bowery Ballroom), and appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, all while prepping for an upcoming European tour later this summer.

In between it all, Allison found the time to answer some burning NYLON reader questions, tackling everything from high school woes to navigating long distance relationships. Here, all your questions, answered.


Writer’s block happens to everybody, and the only real way to get past it is to give it time. When I’m dealing with it, I try to look for new inspirations for writing. I love playing with new guitar tunings when I’ve been feeling out of ideas.

Do you feel like your songwriting assists you in healing and processing?

I think I usually write a song when I’ve already done a lot of processing on something. It’s kind of a way to get my thoughts down in a concrete form.

What’s your songwriting process like usually? Do you tend to dwell or does it come naturally?

I always start by finding a chord progression and riff that I like on guitar. After that I try to find melodies and lyrics that work together and tweak them until it feels done. Sometimes songs come really naturally, but other times I have to work on something for a while to get it perfect.

How do I handle my long distance relationship better?

Long distance relationships are really tough. I think it’s best to try to enjoy your time to yourself when you aren’t with your partner, but you also have to make sure you make time to stay updated on your partner’s life.

How do you prioritize self-care when you’re in a relationship?

If you’re feeling like you’re letting your own mental health go in your relationship, you have to set aside time for yourself. Give yourself time to reflect on how you’re feeling, inside and outside your relationship.

How do you deal with insecurities?

I try my best to keep insecurities from affecting my life, but I get caught up in them, too. We all feel insecure about things, but you can’t let that stop you from living your life. You have to push yourself to accept the things that you’re insecure about so you don’t have to dwell on them.

How do you trust again when your best friend betrays you?

It’s hard to get past betrayal! People make mistakes and sometimes it’s hard to forget those. Try to understand and find acceptance from the betrayal so you don’t have to go on expecting the worst.

How do you stay focused on your goals?

I like to set a lot of smaller goals to keep myself on track. I’m easily distracted and can end up putting things off, so getting work done piece by piece can be helpful.

What to do if I’m in love with someone who doesn’t love me back?

My best advice would be to move on. You don’t want to wait around for someone who doesn’t see that with you. You can still care for someone and decide to let go!

What can I do to make high school more bearable?

Find friends that make you feel good about yourself and just happy in general. Good friendships can be such a great lifeline when you’re struggling or feeling trapped.