Spotify Wrapped 2022 Reveals Your Listening Personality Type — And What That Means

Here’s how to read your 2022 Wrapped.

It’s finally that wonderful time of the year: finding out what music defined our 2022. As usual, Spotify has dropped its annual Wrapped for you to dissect, interrogate, and maybe spiral over. Did I really listen to that song 357 times? Yes, you did!

As Spotify is wont to do, it’s included a few new features in its Wrapped this year to confuse the heck out of you and make you question your preconceived notions of listening even more. Wrapped 2022 includes two new metric features, including Your Listening Personality and Your Audio Day. Unfortunately, the app’s rapidly moving slides don’t linger long enough for many to decipher what exactly those results even mean, so we’ve broken down everything you need to know to fully understand your 2022 Spotify Wrapped — and in turn, yourself — below.

How do I access my Spotify Wrapped?

You can access your Spotify Wrapped via the app, or by visiting this link.

What is Your Listening Personality?

Each year, Spotify introduces a few new ways to analyze your annual listening data for Wrapped. For 2023, one of those ways is the new Your Listening Personality, which aims not only to “tell you about the music you listen to but what that says about your music taste,” per a press release. This function categorizes you as one of 16 different listening personality “types” which seem very much influenced by the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. But instead of getting a personality type like INFP, you get something like FNVC — which was my real result and apparently stands for Familiarity, Newness, Variety, and Commonality.

How does the Listening Personality test work? Well, according to Spotify, they measure four different metrics to determine your listening personality.


Familiarity (F) v. Exploration (E): Do you listen to a lot of the same artists, or often seek out new ones?

Loyalty (L) v. Variety (V): Do you listen to a lot of the same songs on repeat, or do you often change it up?

Timelessness (T) v. Newness (N): Do you listen to new music right when it comes out, or do you prefer to stick to oldies or the songs you know and love?

Commonality (C) v. Uniqueness (U): Do you listen to the artists everyone’s listening to, or are you more interested in digging deeper to find someone less well known?

Based off your listening data, you’ll be prescribed four of the eight metric options above, and voila! This is how you listen to music. What crucial info Spotify doesn’t provide, however, is how to handle the existential identity crisis you’ll face afterwards.

What is my Audio Day?

My Audio Day is the second new metric Spotify introduced for its 2023 Wrapped, though it’s really a recycled way of using data that is shared every year.

This metric is likely related to Spotify’s unique way of categorizing songs into very specific micro genres and moods (last we checked there were 5,071 in 2020) which take into consideration everything from a track’s general vibe to its BPM, geographical data, and more. It may be more helpful to think of these genre distinctions and descriptors as tags rather than as a singular holistic sonic assessment. With your listening data and these meticulously tagged songs, Spotify can see what type of songs you generally gravitate toward during different times of the day giving you — you guessed it! — your Audio Day. And it’s how you get descriptors such as “Hype Lit” and “Empowering” and “Healing” and “Bittersweet.”


This year, Spotify has also shared data on emerging genres gaining popularity in its database such as amapiano, anime, and Alt Z. If you want to learn more about Spotify’s peculiar way of genre categorizing, you can also read more about it here.

How can I share my 2022 Wrapped results?

Gone are the days of simply screen-shotting your Wrapped results. Spotify Wrapped now supports sharing capabilities for pretty much every major platform that’s out there, including WhatsApp, Instagram direct message, Facebook Messenger, as well as all the other usuals suspects. Spotify has also rolled out a custom Wrapped Snapchat filter, and custom Bitmojis and GIPHYs.