Watch The ‘New Mutants’ Trailer, The First Superhero Horror Movie

It’s like ‘X-Men,’ with screaming

When it was first announced that Fox would be expanding its X-Men universe with The New Mutants, we assumed that this would basically be yet another attempt at taking something familiar—mutants with special powers—and just making it younger. Think X-Men meets Riverdale. But the movie’s first trailer hints at something different entirely, something closer to X-Men meets The House on Haunted Hill. It’s no coincidence that it dropped on Friday the 13th, because The New Mutants looks like a legit horror movie. Directed by Josh Boone, who made The Fault in Our Stars but is now working on several Stephen King adaptations, The New Mutants takes place in a freaky asylum and seems more interested in building tension and releasing it through jump scares than huge CGI action scenes (although we assume there’ll be some of that too).

The trailer briefly introduces us to some new characters and the in-demand young actors who’ll be playing them. We get glimpses of Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane, Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik, and Charlie Heaton (who you might have caught in another frightening trailer earlier today) as Cannonball. The official plot of The New Mutants has these mutants, along with two others, trying to escape a facility they’re being held in against their will. But as one of the characters points out in the trailer, it’s not an asylum, it’s a haunted house. 

New Mutants hits theaters next April, and you can watch the trailer above.