Charlotte Rutherford


Meet SG5, The J-Pop Group Of Your Sailor Moon Dreams

And hear their blazing debut single, “Firetruck.”

From high-end fashion collaborations to phone case drops and coveted makeup collections, Sailor Moon (or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) is the Japanese IP that just keeps on giving — and now that’s even transcended into music. Enter SG5, the brand new J-Pop girl group that’s here to make your moon prism magic dreams come true as the first-ever musical act to fight interstellar monsters and drop bops along the way.

The five-member group — comprising KAEDE, MIYUU, RURI, RUI, and SAKAYA — technically made its debut back in 2022 when it performed two exclusive shows at Anime Expo in Los Angeles last July (including an incredible techno-fied remix of the Sailor Moon theme song). But the group is only releasing its debut single today, Feb. 29. “Firetruck,” the horns-blazing pop-trap anthem full of squiggly flourishes and cowbell clangs, is a rowdy and bold introduction to the band’s charismatic members and their immediate superstar appeal. It may not be what you’d initially expect from a Sailor Moon-affiliated band, but it’s 2023: This is Usagi and co glowed up and for the TikTok generation.

“Our debut in the U.S. almost still feels like a dream, but we would like to do our best to make SG5 known to people from all over the world,” writes SG5 of the new single in a press release. “I hope that everyone can feel the girl power and energy that radiates from this song and video, and get excited with us!”

As the music video shows the members’ distinctive looks and designated colors are call backs to the Sailor Scouts, but they members aren’t meant to represent a specific scout. Instead, the group is meant to simply “exist in the Sailor Moon universe together” while “heavily referenc[ing] the main protagonists of the series.”

SG5, short for Sailor Guardians 5, is signed to WME for global representation and is managed by one of Japan’s largest entertainment companies, LDH Japan Inc. BloodPop, the renowned producer who’s crafted hits for Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Madonna, and more, is serving as the Executive Producer and co-Creative Director for the band. He co-produced “Firetruck” alongside Hudson Mohawke, a huge sign, if any, that SG5 is going to be everywhere.

Listen to “Firetruck” below, and read on to learn more about each of the members including their nicknames, birthdays, and their favorite Sailor Moon character.




Birthday: January 11th

Nickname: Just Kaede (I want a nickname!)

Last song you played: “Less Of You” by Keshi. This song is one of my favorites!

Earliest music memory: When I was a child I used to always sing and dance with my siblings and cousin in front of my family at my grandparents house. I realized that the feeling of performing in front of people and “owning the stage” was amazing, which led me to start dancing. So I was super happy when I got to stand on a real stage for the first time!

Hobbies: I like to play a video game called APEX. I also like to watch movies and drama series. Lately, I’m into Gilmore Girls. I also love spending time with my dogs!

Favorite Sailor Scout: Of course Sailor Jupiter. Her and I have a lot in common. For example, the other members once told me that “my character is different from the way I look.” She is just like that too – very strong but kind and sweet! So the more I know her, the more I like her.




Birthday: August 16th

Nickname: When I was little I was called “mew” like the Pokémon!

Last song you played: I've been listening to all of Rihanna's songs. I especially like “Diamonds.” I've been watching Rihanna since her Super Bowl performance — it was awesome.

Favorite music memory: Definitely the first time on stage in the United States. Everything was new to us — from singing, performing, and talking in English. I was really nervous but it was like a dream. It's a memory I'll never forget.

Hobbies: I am into hammock yoga and crafting, and I also like spending time with dogs.

Favorite Sailor Scout: My favorite character is Sailor Venus. I feel a feminine strength from her, and she has a lot of confidence. I want to be like her.



Name: RUI

Birthday: November 4th

Nickname: Rui or Rui-chan?

Last song you played: “Michi” by Hikaru Utada.

Fvorite music memory: I really love solo karaoke. So when I go to karaoke I sing alone for six hours.

Hobbies: I'm a somen and pudding fanatic. I am always looking for the best somen and pudding in my spare time.

Favorite Sailor Scout: I love Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn. Sailor Moon is positive and brave, and I really like her sparkling presence. My favorite color is purple, and I love Saturn's clothes and items because they are cute.



Name: RURI

Birthday: April 12th

Nickname: I don’t have a nickname but this is how my name is written in Japanese: 川本璃.

Last song you played: Red Hot Chili Peppers “Can't Stop.”

Fvorite music memory: The fact that I sang the national anthem alone at Yokohama Stadium [in Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan] is an unforgettable memory even now.

Hobbies: I started playing golf under the influence of my father.

Favorite Sailor Scout Sailor Mars.




Birthday: September 20th

Nickname: さあちゃん (Saa-chan)

Last song you played: The song I listened to recently is XG's “LEFT RIGHT.”

Favorite music memory: I love to perform live where I can unite with my fans. When I was on stage at Anime Expo, I was very happy when the entire hall was united by the power of music, even though we were still unknown.

Hobbies: My hobbies are watching YouTube and Netflix. I've been into Blue Rock lately.

Favorite Sailor Scout: My favorite character is Sailor Mercury. I'm getting more and more attracted to her charm.