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11 Y2K Fashion Halloween Costumes To Shop Now

Channel Y2K fashion with these 2000s-era pop culture costumes.

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Imagine it’s 2008, and you just turned on your television to see yet another rerun of Mean Girls. After grabbing some popcorn and tuning into Regina George’s snarky remarks (which, by the way, you memorized word-for-word), you finally changed the channel and just so happened to stumble upon VH1’s throwback music countdown. Luckily for you, you were able to jam out to Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r Boi” for the umpteenth time. In the end, you finally settled on Disney Channel right when that catchy original theme song plays for movies like Cheetah Girls and Lizzie McGuire before dozing off on the couch (and, of course, your mother scolded you to go sleep in your room). Wow, am I the only one who misses this part of my childhood, minus the scolding?

“Spooky Szn” is already upon us, and what better way to celebrate Halloween this year than to relive some of Hollywood’s best moments from the early 2000s? With the resurgence of Y2K fashion trends, there's nothing better than to dress up as the epitome of early-aughts nostalgia.

Whether you’re looking to channel your inner “Mean Girl” or finally ready to live out your Disney pop star fantasy, see some 2000s Halloween costume ideas featuring some of our favorite pop culture-meets-fashion icons from The Simple Life, Clueless, 13 Going On 30, and more, ahead.

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Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: Cher Horowitz of Clueless


Cher Horowitz from Clueless started the “preppy in plaid” trend and now, we simply can’t envision our wardrobe without it. You can mimic the queen bee by wearing a head-to-toe yellow outfit this Halloween, starting off with a matching plaid set. Layer the look with a white baby tee and cardigan, and finish it off with black Mary Janes (platforms, duh).

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: The Cheetah Girls

There’s nothing that screams sisterhood more than Cheetah Girls’ coordinating outfits. Achieve the ultimate squad goals with monochrome velvet tracksuits, which can be paired with matching cheetah print tees and headbands, and simple white sneakers. “Cheetah Girls, Cheetah Sisters!”

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Although the Lizzie McGuire reboot never came to fruition, we can still live out our pop star dreams with a throwback to some of the film’s best performances because “this is what dreams are made of.” Dress up as Lizzie with an all-lilac outfit, throw on a headset, and you’re ready to perform!

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: The Plastics in Mean Girls


Team up with your friends to channel The Plastics from Mean Girls. The key is to wear all pink because “every Wednesday, we wear pink,” or, in this instance, Halloween. You can find a pink cropped cardigan and mini skirt (two very fall-friendly fashion items), and pair it with pink heels and a baguette purse.

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: Kim Possible

Tap into your inner superhero by dressing up as Kim Possible. She fights off villains and saves the world in a black top and military green cargo pants, paired with a tactical belt and combat boots.

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: The Simple Life’s Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie

The Simple Life, starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, followed the Y2K fashion darlings travel across America and live with ordinary families and do, you know, ordinary people things. Aside from giving us some of TV’s best quotes, the duo also served us unforgettable fashion moments like this all-denim look from Season 1.

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r Boi” Era

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Avril Lavigne’s ‘fits from her “Sk8r Boi” era were simply unmatched. If you’re looking to emulate Lavigne’s pop-punk aura, you can dress up as the singer’s 2002 MTV VMAs outfit, which she wore a simple white tee and cargo pants with black sneakers, a striped tie, and lots and lots of studded bracelets.

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: Aaliyah

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With Aaliyah’s music catalog finally available for streaming after a couple of decades, there’s no better way to celebrate the late R&B singer than to recreate one of her best fashion moments, as she was often seen in a tracksuit set and tiny sunglasses.

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: Destiny’s Child

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If you’re looking to go for the ultimate Hollywood glam, dress up as Destiny’s Child from their 2001 appearance at the MTV Icon event. Go out as a trio this Halloween wearing neon bustier tops, low-rise jeans, and finish with sparkly chain belts and dazzling pointed heels.

Y2K Halloween Costume Idea: Jenna Rink of 13 Going On 30

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Jenna Rink’s fashion moments in 13 Going On 30 scream fun and playful (I mean, of course, she’s literally a 13-year-old in the body of a grownup). Although the original Versace dress is not up for grabs, you can find dupes of the colorful dress online, then pair it with a butterfly statement necklace, blue heels, and a pink handbag.

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