Courtesy of McDonald's


McDonald's Merch Is Now Available On 'Animal Crossing'

If you've ever wanted a sesame seed bun hat, this is your time.

Traveling to a far-off tropical location this summer wasn't really an option, unless you had access to Animal Crossing in which you are the proud owner of an island not unlike Richard Branson. An island within Animal Crossing: New Horizons has its perks: everyone gets along, they’re super chill about debt, and the fashion opportunities are endless. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Anna Sui have all created custom QR codes for exclusive looks within the game, and now the latest brand to get in on the action is McDonald's. Yes, as in the golden arches.

Starting this week, players will be able to wear the fast-food empire's merch inspired by its signature menu items. You can dress up like a Big Mac! Who said 2020 was purely trash? The specific pieces available stem from the McDonald's fashion line Golden Arches Unlimited, which currently sells a sesame seed bucket hat, vanilla cone swim shorts, and Big Mac-patterned sweatshirts. Animal Crossing players can also customize other in-game items like wallpaper and flooring with Mickey D's-inspired patterns.

Download the new McDonald's merch on Animal Crossing by visiting NookLink in the Nintendo Switch Online app​ and downloading the designs via QR codes. Hopefully you'll be... lovin' it.

See the full line of looks, below.

Courtesy of McDondald's