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Getting Ready With Bella Poarch For Gold House’s 2022 Gold Gala

“I loved that I was surrounded by so many talented people in the API community.”

A cup of green tea is key when Bella Poarch gets ready for the red carpet. Though this type of night out is nothing new to the TikTok star and budding musical artist, she still needs to find a way to soothe her nerves in anticipation. “I get really anxious before I go to red carpet events, especially to such a prestigious event like this, so the tea helps me calm down,” she tells NYLON. On Sunday night, her latest appearance was the 2022 Gold Gala, which also happens to be the very first one for the non-profit organization that aims to uplift and invest in the API community and its future.

“I loved that I was surrounded by so many talented people in the API community. To be able to come together at one location and celebrate each other was an experience like no other,” she says. The event also celebrated Gold House’s A100 List, which celebrates APIs who have made an impact on culture and society over the past year, including Poarch herself. “To be honored by Gold House is something that I will never forget,” she adds. “Michelle Yeoh’s speech was unforgettable, too. I was so lucky to be sitting next to the amazing cast of Everything Everywhere All At Once. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, please do yourself a favor and go see it right now. Movie of the year… decade… century. It’s beautiful. I also love that they had boba tea at the after-party.”

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To coincide with the evening’s theme and mission, Poarch decided to wear an all-Asian ensemble. Her bright pink dress was designed by Tawainese-born designer Jason Wu, complete with matching evening gloves and strappy black heels. “I love how the elaborate neckline and the sleeves of the dress remind me of the butterfly sleeves of the traditional Filipino costume,” notes Poarch, who was born in the Philippines. “I also wore jewelry and accessories crafted by artisans of Asian descent — coming from Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Lebanon.”

Ahead of any red carpet event, Poarch always make sure to get a good night’s sleep. When it comes to skincare, exfoliating and hydrating are important. And while her signature hairstyle for most appearances is a pair of pigtails, she was up to experiment for the inaugural Gold Gala. “I wanted to try something completely different,” recalls Poarch. (Her hair was in an updo with braids.) “I like to keep my approach to fashion the same way — always exploring and trying new things.”

Before Poarch heads out the door, she usually has one last task to knock off her to-do list: “I always make sure to walk my dog before I leave, so that I don’t come home to a big surprise!”

While getting ready for and arriving at the 2022 Gold Gala, the “Build a B*tch” singer took NYLON behind the scenes. Read on for more.

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