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Every Blackpink Appearance At Paris Fashion Week Fall 2023

Our favorite K-pop group returns to Paris.

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Paris Fashion Week has officially commenced — which means the four members of Blackpink are back in the streets of Paris for their bi-annual rotation of runway show appearances.

As we saw this time last year, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé were present for their respective ambassadorial brand duties and we expect the same this year. Though Lisa, the face of Celine, was absent for the fall 2022 shows, we’re betting she’ll make an appearance at the luxury brand’s front row this time around. (And judging by the fact she’s was in Paris recently and already dallying with the brand per her Instagram, we’re fairly confident in our prediction.) Jisoo was the first member to make a public appearance at the Dior runway show, while Jennie will likely sit front row at Chanel. Rosé will make her usual appearance at Saint Laurent. And undoubtedly, all the members will be dressed to the nines by their respective brands.

Follow along with NYLON as we track every Blackpink appearance — and look — at the French fashion capital, updating every day, below:

Tuesday Feb. 28: Jisoo at Dior’s Fall 2023 Runway Show

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Jisoo at Dior fall 2023 runway show in a deep purple Dior strapless gown, paired with black strappy heels and black sequined clutch.

Tuesday Feb. 28: Jisoo with Charlize Theron at Dior’s Fall 2023 Runway Show

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Jisoo and Charlize Theron posed together at the Dior fall 2023 runway show.

Tuesday Feb. 28: Rosé Arrives In Paris

Rosé has officially touched down. The star showed off her spacious Parisian suite and Saint Laurent welcoming gift on Instagram on Monday. She was dressed casually with her hair pulled back, donning an oversized Packers jacket.

Tuesday Feb. 28: Rosé Attends Saint Laurent’s Fall 2023 Runway Show

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Rosé attended the Saint Laurent fall 2023 runway show in a floor-length camel leather trench by the brand, which she paired with an on-trend black mini skirt and bra top. Strappy black heels with silver hardware completed the look. Although her coat hid most of her outfit, she gave a more detailed sneak-peak that revealed the skirt on her IG story.

Wednesday March 1: Rosé Shares Details Of Her Saint Laurent Fall 2023 Runway Look

Rosé shared additional details and angles of her Saint Laurent look on Instagram.

Thursday March 2: Jisoo Explores Paris

Jisoo went cozy casual for a day out in Paris. She paired Dior sneakers and a black crossbody bag with cuffed jeans, black leather jacket layered over a white hoodie, and a black beanie.

Wednesday March 8: Jennie Arrives At Chanel Fall 2023 Runway Show

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Jennie paired a snow white Chanel jumpsuit with a chain belt, black pumps and bag, and wore her hair in a braid accented with a white ribbon. A small, skin-colored bandaid under her left eye also accompanied the look — but it wasn’t for decoration.

“I was taking care of my health during the break, eating well, sleeping well, but I tripped while exercising and fell down so I got a bit of a scar on my face,” explained the Chanel ambassador preemptively to her fans in a WeVerse post on March 3. “It’s still healing, so I think I’m going to wear a bandage on my face for a while.” Stars — they’re just like us!

Wednesday March 8: Jennie shares details of her Chanel Runway fit

After the show, Jennie took to Instagram to share more angles and details of her runway outfit, including a closer look at the small white bows that adorned the top of her braid.

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