Chloë Sevigny x Warby Parker collab.
Courtesy of Warby Parker


Chloë Sevigny and Warby Parker’s Third Collaboration Is Here

Run, don’t walk.

by Jamie Feldman
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Everything Chloë Sevigny touches turns to gold (hello, wedding dresses). So it’s simultaneously thrilling and unsurprising that Warby Parker has once again tapped the multi-hyphenate “It” girl to launch its newest collection, which releases on Tuesday.

It’s the third time Sevigny has partnered with the ubiquitous glasses brand. She previously helped create their mid-century-inspired Tate frames as part of a program that provided eye care to school children. More recently, they debuted an assortment of frames in 2019 that promptly sold out.

According to Warby Parker, fans have been asking them to “bring back the Tate frames” for years. And now, they’re better than ever, thanks to a brand new colorway in addition to the nutmeg crystal with polished gold: crystal with polished silver. Both are available for purchase in optical and sun styles, and start at $145.

In a press statement from Warby Parker, Sevigny explained why she was so excited to partner with the brand on yet another collection. “I’ve always expressed my creativity through fashion, and working with a brand that shares my philanthropic values and love of style was like working with old friends,” she said. “These unisex frames are designed for everyone and are versatile enough to go with any outfit, whether you’re dressing up jeans with a red lip or pairing them with a dress for a night out.”

As if we needed any further convincing, the campaign images are the epitome of cool. You’ll want one of each — if you can get your hands on them, that is.

Check them out below, and head to Warby Parker to purchase.

Courtesy of Warby Parker
Courtesy of Warby Parker
Courtesy of Warby Parker
Courtesy of Warby Parker
Courtesy of Warby Parker

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