The comeback of the chunky heart necklace
Courtesy of With Jéan


This Chunky Jewelry Trend Is All Over The Internet

The larger-than-life heart pendant is making a comeback.

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After dainty accessories hit their peak, we’re now shifting to all things maximal. Recently, the revival of the chunky heart necklace has been taking over our feeds, and the jewelry trend has even been co-signed by celebs like Charli XCX, Halsey, and many more.

Keep clicking to see the 10 bulky heart necklaces we’ve got added to our wishlist, ahead.

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Courtesy of Edie Parker Flower

The Depop-based shop Rhoury offers a slew of jumbo necklaces, coming in one-of-a-kind heart emblems and colorful beaded chains.

Cult-favorite fashion brand With Jéan just released its debut jewelry collection, starring this antique-inspired heart necklace.

Recently seen on celebs like Charli XCX, Arcanum’s punk necklace is made from gems like this stunning green Aventurine stone on a silver ball chain.

Enroute adds a new spin on the classic heart-shaped necklace, plated with 18K gold over brass and resembles a dripping heart.

The puffy heart necklace is also sold on Lisa Says Gah, coming with a golden charm attached to a black string.

Lele Sadoughi’s beaded necklace includes handmade glass beads, faux pearls, and a red heart-shaped charm handmade out of glass.

Heart One-hitter Necklace
Edie Parker Flower

The heart necklace is also a multi-functional statement piece, as seen in Edie Parker Flower’s latest one-hitter collection.

The chunky heart necklace can even be thrifted from secondhand shops like Thrilling, which currently has an ‘80s-era piece in stock.

You can customize your heart emblem at The M Jewelers, and did we mention it’s also a locket?

Frasier Sterling just released its latest choker, with real freshwater pearls attached to a brown silk cord.

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