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The Coolest Chunky Rings To Add To Your Jewelry Collection

Give your delicate stacking rings a rest.

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When Sandy Liang released her first jewelry collection last December, she revealed that her inspiration for the pieces came from "being a kid wearing 'play' jewelry." The first launch included a chunky plastic heart ring that referenced the late '90s and early 2000s, a nod to the kind of thing you'd get from adding a quarter into an old vending machine outside the grocery store.

Since Liang's launch, chunky, colorful rings have nudged their way into the trend landscape, bumping up against the delicate stacking rings that have long reigned supreme. (And if the success of chunky sneakers and sandals were any indication, this trend was bound to cross categories eventually.)

Made from plastic, resin, or metal, these bulky statement rings are on the rise in popular everyday jewelry. No longer will those cocktail rings collect dust in between costume parties or select holidays. The time has come to dress your finger party like you're going to an actual party, and since real parties in 2020 have been all but made illegal, the least we can do is jazz up our accessory game.

Below, check out 19 of the best chunky rings on the market from Le Manso, Sandy Liang, Frasier Sterling, Khiry, Gucci, and more. Yes, pinky rings included.

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