17 Anklets To Make 2021 Feel Like 1999

Don’t forget to coordinate with your butterfly clips.

Fashion relics from the past have seem to be coming back again. And while the return of low-rise jeans and trucker hats have been met with polarizing responses. The humble, summer-friendly anklet has always been embraced as a trend. From Karl Lagerfeld’s nod to Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol monitoring bracelet in Chanel’s Spring 2008 collection to Lil Uzi Vert’s $80,000 diamond anklet, the accessory type has never exactly left. In 2021, though, it has asserted itself as one of the year’s most popular accessories to wear right now.

Brands like VibeSzn and Wolf Circus offer sleek chains for delicate ankle additions or layering while others, including Felizist and Brinker & Eliza, throw it back a little with more retro details, like textured charms and colorful beads.

The best part of the surge in anklets, beyond their nostalgia factor, is the versatility. Whether you’re wearing sneakers or flip-flops, bundled in socks or going commando, there’s always room for an anklet... or two, or three.

Below, we’ve picked 17 of the coolest anklets on the market from Frasier Sterling, Adinas Jewels, Notte Jewelry, and more. Get on board now because you know the next stop will probably be toe rings.

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