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Daily Paper’s Abderr Trabsini Shares The Songs That Inspire Him At Work

Including Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, Jay-Z, and more.

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On Repeat is a music series where NYLON asks our favorite creatives — designers, artists, and more — about the songs they can't stop playing while they work. You're going to want to add these to your playlists and streaming platforms ASAP.

For Dutch streetwear label Daily Paper, music is one of the brand pillars, so it’s no surprise that co-founder and design director Abderrahmane Trabsini paid homage to hip-hop with the new Spring 2022 collection, featuring oversized silhouettes, pinstriped suiting, graffiti and monogram prints, and more.

“The influence of that genre and its community had a significant impact on how Daily Paper came to life,” Trabsini tells NYLON. “Hip-hop has always inspired us in how we want to make clothing that is culturally engaging. We aim to educate and bring awareness through telling stories with our collections.”

Music goes beyond just serving as a jumping off-point for Daily Paper’s designs — it’s inspired Trabsini all his life. (At the age of 16, hearing Pharrell’s “You Can Do It Too” inspired him to dream big and pursue his passions.) From listening to jazz artists Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston Smith on busy days and turning to Jay-Z’s “My 1st Song” as a reminder on how to approach every brand project, certain songs and artists have constantly influenced Trabsini during his entire creative process.

“It is without doubt one of my biggest source of inspiration for me,” he says. “I’m always very excited when I discover new music. It always gets my creative juices going.”

Zach Apo-Tsang/Courtesy of Daily Paper

Ahead, Trabsini shares the songs that have inspired his work and new designs for NYLON’s latest edition of “On Repeat.”

“Gold Watch” - Lupe Fiasco

“This song was the blueprint for my love for Japanese brands. Being a Lupe fan, I had to Google all the brands he mentioned in order to learn.”

“Lyrics To Go” - Tribe Called Quest

“This whole album brings me back to thebeginning when we started. Q-Tip’s sampling educated me on discovering new jazz music, which is my favorite genre.”

“You Can Do It Too” - Pharrell

“This song made me dream and realize I could do it, too. I was 16 when this song dropped and it’s been on my playlist till this day.”

“Whistle Bump” - Deodato

“I love Bossa Nova and this genre inspires me to design vivid summer clothes. I discovered this artist because one of his songs was sampled for Lupe’s ‘Paris, Tokyo.’”

“Safari” - Tyler, The Creator

“Listening to this song makes me want to travel more and get inspired. Tyler is a good example of how he got influenced by his favorite artists and brought it to his own world.”

“Life Of The Party” - Kanye West Feat. André 3000

“This is honestly one the best songs I think I’ve heard in the last year. André’s verse is pure poetry and vulnerable, combined with a flawless Kanye production.”

“Ghost of Soulja Slim” - Jay Electronica Feat. Jay-Z

“The intro hypes me up with the Louis Farrakhan sample. So many quotables on that song.”

“Keep On Walking” - Roy Ayers Ubiquity

“One of the many Roy Ayers’ songs I have on repeat knowing I have a long day ahead. It keeps my mind at ease.”

“My 1st Song” - Jay-Z

“I love the intro and it constantly reminds that I have to treat every project like my first one.”

“Rejuvenation” - Lonnie Liston Smith

“Such a beautiful song that keeps me zen. Great instrumental when I work on new stuff without being distracted.”

See more of Daily Paper’s Spring 2022 women’s collection, below, and shop the line on Daily Paper’s website now.

Photos by Zach Apo-Tsang/Courtesy of Daily Paper
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