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The Latest Bag Trend Will Relieve You Of Your Tiny Bag Fatigue

Sometimes bigger really is better.

by Gabrielle Prescod and Erika Harwood
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For the past few seasons, the tiny (mini, micro) bag has risen in the ranks to the top of the accessories trend lists, becoming the most coveted bag style for shoppers and the fashion set. Despite its growing popularity, the mini bag's functional purpose will never surpass this tried-and-true accessory: the tote bag.

And while the tiny bag trend has long taken over our Instagram feed and shopping carts, designers haven't dismissed the tote bag at all. Instead, they've reimagined, repurposed, and updated the style that's best known for its utility and function. Now, tote bags are not just something you throw everything in — they are the ultimate accessory to make a statement. Some daring brands have even supersized the tote bag, resulting in as much viral attention as the meme-worthy tiny bag.

Whether you're taking a trip to the grocery store or the beach (following social distancing guidelines, of course), the tote bag is reliable enough to carry everything that you need and more. A mini bag can't do that, no matter how cute they may be. So for any task you'll tackle, designers have made sure that you do it in style. This season, tote bags come in new shapes, textures, and patterns, upping their wow factor and really making a strong case to prove that bigger is better.

Below, we've picked our favorite stylish designer tote bags for you to carry around everywhere.

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