Dree Hemingway wearing Michigan Wolverines T-Shirt in combination with a zebra print skirt
photo by getty images


starmaps: sports tees

get your game on with dree hemingway.

by kelsey nguyen

Toasting with chips and salsa on Super Bowl Sunday. Spending a Friday movie night out in the base with Kevin Costner in

Field of Dreams

or scaling the fence in

The Sandlot

. Crafting your brackets for March Madness during lunch break...welcome to the world of sports. While it may seem like the runways and the game fields are complete opposites of each other, fashion has again proven its universal quality by schooling us the perfect way to rock your athletic side through style and taste.

And of course, Dree Hemingway serves as our inspiration for mastering the sporty, sartorial look. Pairing her cropped Michigan Wolverines tee with a zebra print skirt and leopard clutch, Hemingway shows us how effortless it is to simply throw on your beloved team jersey and make it the winning outfit. 

Don't save your favorite athletic tees just for the seasonal football games; instead, take it out for a spin and try mixing it with your everyday wardrobe for a style touchdown. Click through our gallery for our top picks that you can score now. 

Majestic NYC Tee -- $47.04

Aeropostale A Tee -- $14.75

Superdry Tee -- $46

Criminal Damage Los Angeles Haters Mesh Tee -- $84.66

Missguided Chicago 33 Tank -- $26.98

LPD New York Margiela Tee -- $85

One Teaspoon Tee -- $64