Everyone Wore Their Best Pajamas To The 2020 Emmys

This is what happens when the red carpet is the couch.

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The red carpet was everyone's couch for the 2020 Emmys, which means that attendees took full advantage by wearing pajamas. The popular outfit choice still followed the event's informal dress code of "come as you are, but make an effort."

While there were some major fashion moments from the awards show on Sunday night, like Zendaya in full runway looks from Christopher John Rogers, the comfort of loungewear at home (rather than sitting in a ballgown all night) during one of the most-watched ceremonies seemed much more appealing. Jameela Jamil wore a pajama set from JJwinks, which included the sleepwear brand's Slumber Party Top and Happy Hour Pant in white. "No bra? No heels? NO PROBLEM," wrote The Good Place star on Instagram. She paired her comfy outfit with a Markarian ombre sequin coat dress for some added glam.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston showed off her pre-Emmys prep look, which included a face mask, champagne, and a pair of organic Japanese cotton pajamas from Pour Les Femmes. If we were her, we wouldn't change into anything else.

See who wore pajamas to "attend" the 2020 Emmys, below, and we'll update this post as more cozy evening looks are revealed throughout the night.

Jameela Jamil

Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Brosnahan

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