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16 TikTok Creators To Follow For All Types Of Fashion Content

From new takes on the classic "outfit of the day" to informative style guides.

by Sarah Fielding and India Roby
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In just a few short years, TikTok has gone from an app where teenagers make funny videos and viral dances to front-row seats at fashion’s most coveted shows and an app where teenagers still make funny videos (both are equally enjoyable). This shift was first made clear to all when TikTok brought three creators to New York Fashion Week for the first time ever in February 2020, and now, it seems that TikTok influencers have made a permanent stay in the fashion sphere.

From mega-influencers to on-the-rise faces shooting content in their closets, TikTok has furthered the democratization of fashion that first originated on Instagram. These style internet stars are dominating the once highly-exclusive space and are even becoming muses for the biggest fashion houses all across the board. These creators have an overwhelming influence both on and offline by posting anything from steaming fashion takes and personalized style videos that are ultimately revolutionizing how viewers consume fashion and curate their very own wardrobes today.

Whether you're an avid watcher of styling videos on TikTok or you still don't know where to start, there are always more amazing people out there making videos with a distinct personality and fashion sensibility. From new takes on the classic "outfit of the day" to informative style guides, there's now fashion content on TikTok for everyone.

Check it out for yourself: Here are some of the best fashion creators to follow on TikTok now, below.

Ariam, @iambrattyb

Not only does Ariam (@iambrattyb) show off funky and wearable outfits, she often will also match her makeup to her featured look. (Her beauty skills shouldn't be left unnoticed either, as she was featured on publications like Allure.) This combination turns her throwback- or aesthetic-inspired outfits almost into cosplay. These transformations are as interesting as they are beautiful.

Soph, @tinygirlbigclothes

It's rare to see Soph (@tinygirlbigclothes) in a video without a hat or bandana on. And as her TikTok handle would suggest, Soph's style is comprised of oversized, eclectic pieces. She also shares her own fashion DIY items, a tour of her closet, and a long list of where she shops both IRL and online. Soph is unabashedly herself and encourages her viewers to embrace what they like to wear and go for it.

Brittany Xavier, @brittany.xavier

Brittany Xavier first grew her following on Instagram but has now fully embraced TikTok. She regularly features her tween daughter in playful videos highlighting their (sometimes matching) street-style-ready looks, and while her wardrobe often includes coveted, high-fashion items, Xavier also creates plenty of videos offering her own personal tips on getting dressed, including how to style a blazer, how to make an outfit look expensive, and how to dress up a black turtleneck.

Anna, @glitterandlazers

With a bio that says, "Everyone deserves to sparkle," Anna (@glitterandlazers) brings an extra pop of joy to every video. She favors bold prints, bright colors, and — from the looks of it — having as much fun as possible at all times. If you're looking to step outside of your fashion comfort zone (say, via a pizza shirt she wears in one video), follow Anna for some serious style inspiration.

Bria Jones, @heybriajones

Bria Jones' video series, outfits inspired by TikTok stars and celebrities, is reason enough to follow her, but it's just one of the awesome parts of her account. From videos on repurposing items in your closet to what hair accessories will best complete an outfit, her personality shines through making viewers feel like they're watching a friend.

Taylor Hage, @tayhage

Taylor Hage (@tayhage)'s go-to video is a step-by-step guide of how she builds an outfit that's ridiculously captivating to watch. Her polished style is easy to recreate, too, as she provides helpful tips for styling the pieces you probably already have. During New York Fashion Week, she made a video of how to wear her favorite trends from the runway in real life.

Zahra B., @zahraa_hberro

Zahra (@zahraa_hberro) shares hijab tutorials and highlights some of her favorite colors and styles for viewers. One of her most viral creations is a look at her everyday hijab style, while another standout video is her guide to posing on staircases, giving techniques we'll all be using for years to come.

Chriselle Lim, @chrisellelim

Not only does mega-influencer Chriselle Lim's TikTok feature her unbelievable style, it also includes videos of her adorable baby. Fashion and cute babies? Sign us up! This mix of style how-to's and celebrating your loved ones makes Lim's account one you'll keep coming back to.

Keri Fay, @kerifay

Prepare to be unbelievably jealous of Keri Fay's sweet shoe collection, shown throughout her videos. Her looks are often comprised of loose, cozy layers in muted colors. Anyone who can show us how to make comfy outfits look stylish is an instant follow on TikTok.

Wisdom Kaye, @wisdm

Wisdom (@wisdm) is undoubtedly one of the most successful fashion influencers to come from the app, even making his runway debut at Balmain’s Spring 2022 fashion show. Kaye is unafraid to wear any trend and owns each and every one. From crop tops to flare pants, his style is eclectic and unpredictable and knows how to take inspiration from just about anything.

Jess Keogh, @jesskeo

Jess Keogh (@jesskeo) makes getting dressed feel like the enjoyable and imaginative time it should be. Her aesthetic is very reminiscent of '90s-era fashion, incorporating a lot of flannels, crop tops, and denim. She's posted multiple video series on her account, like thrifting hauls and how to dress with the influence of decades past. Follow her for a reminder of what makes fashion so fun to embrace.

Kate Bartlett, @katebartlett

Kate Bartlett is a student at FIT by day and one of TikTok’s biggest influencers by night. With every post, she further stakes her claim as one of New York City’s up-and-coming “It” girls, taking over Manhattan in coveted slip dresses, cowgirl boots, and all things trendy. Using the city as her backdrop, Bartlett’s mini vlogs and fashion videos showcase life through her lens, and, to be honest, we had no idea the city could be this dreamy.

Mandy Lee, @oldloserinbrooklyn

Trend cycle analyst Mandy Lee is known for her captivating deep dives, whether it’s on new fashion collections or forecasting the next big trends. The TikToker also encourages viewers to explore their very own personal style, unpacking the dangerous cycle of participating in too-fast fashion trends.

Chanel McKinsie @chanelmckinsie

Chanel McKinsie’s content is the ultimate #lifeinspo. While navigating the city in berets, mini skirts, and platform boots, the style influencer is unapologetically herself, strutting through crowds in SoHo to show off her daily outfits and giving advice on how to live a carefree life.

Diamond, @snoopdiamond

Los Angeles-based actress and influencer Diamond, better known as @snoopdiamond on TikTok, has grown a following for her popular and (at times) controversial takes on fashion trends and the pop-culture sphere, all while doing her makeup and sipping on a glass of wine.

Olive Eng-Canty, @olivengcanty

Hailing from Boston, 18-year-old Olive Eng-Canty is your new style inspiration. The Parsons fashion student garnered a huge following by showing off her eclectic #OOTDs and shopping hauls staged right in her bedroom, while tapping into ‘90s-inspired pop-punk ‘fits, loose-fitted silhouettes, and experimenting with lots of plaid.

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