Laufey Gets Ready For Tory Burch’s West Coast Bash

With ‘60s soul and a full Spring 2024 runway look, the modern jazz singer hits the town.

We’ve entered the next phase of the Toryssaince, and the theme is … cats. On Jan. 24, Tory Burch and Humberto Leon (of Opening Ceremony and Kenzo fame) threw a party for their new popup shop in Los Angeles, which was designed to resemble a postmodern cat tower with shag carpeting and Chuch Estudio fresa vases. Under the gaze of Walter Schels’ floor-to-ceiling feline photographs, guests — including Natasha Lyonne, Awkwafina, and an actual kitten named Bean — browsed Hoop dresses and Pierced wedges as cat-eared servers passed strawberry ring pops.

Singer Laufey — who was also in attendance wearing look four from the designer’s Spring 2024 collection — takes NYLON along as she preps for the evening, cow earrings and all.

How was the getting-ready process?

Courtesy of Laufey

I started around 3:30 or 4 p.m. at my apartment. My makeup artist Heather came over, and then my stylist Amanda brought the pieces we’d picked out. We pulled the look straight off the runway — we didn’t change it at all. I wore these really cute cow earrings I couldn’t shut up about all night. They had cowbells on them and made a ringing sound when I walked. I went up to everyone like, “Oh my god, listen to the bells.” That was definitely the piece where everyone was like, “Oh my god, are those Tory?”

Your fans have named your style “Laufeycore.” Out of 10, how would you rate your look tonight on the Laufey-core scale?

Courtesy of Laufey

I would say a seven. The cow earrings were pretty high up there. I wore a miniskirt, which is very Laufeycore. I felt very in my element. There have definitely been fashion moments where I pushed myself … but this was fun. I felt very comfy.

What were you listening to as you got ready?

I was listening exclusively to Sam Cooke, very ‘50s, ‘60s soulful music. It just felt appropriate. I was playing “Cupid” and “Only Sixteen.” The outfit itself — the whole line — is quite ‘60s. We played into that with the makeup, and I played into that with the getting-ready music as well.

What caught your eye at the Tory Burch store?

The accessories [made for] the best interior. There was a pair of brown suede T-strap shoes that I need to figure out how to acquire. I immediately drifted towards them.

What were your highlights of the evening?

Courtesy of Laufey

Lukita, who I met there, brought her cat called Bean. I got to hang out with Bean for a little bit. And I walked in and saw Awkwafina, who I’ve hung out with before. So immediately, I was like, “Oh, there are friends here.” And I got to talk to Tory — she has twins, and I’m a twin so we bonded over that. I met so many people who had twins yesterday it was crazy. Then we went to The Formosa Cafe to have a smaller dinner and they had dumplings. Being half-Chinese, I was very happy.

Do you have any tricks for working a room?

I just remember that fake confidence is the same thing as real confidence. You need to remember that everyone around you is kind of feeling the same way. A lot of being at events is feeling like you don’t belong, but the truth is that if you’re there, you do belong. Everyone’s thinking about themselves, no one’s thinking about you.

It’s just been announced that you're supporting Mitski on tour. How are you feeling?

To get to share the stage in any way with Mitski is wild. We have a lot of fan crossover so it was really exciting to announce it. I’ve loved her music even before this year, and I’m so happy she’s getting recognition. She’s one of the few other half-Asian artists I look up to, and that’s really valuable to me.

A lot of fans online are feeling some type of way about that announcement. What message do you want to share with them?

Pack tissues. [Laughs.] Just enjoy.

You're nominated for a Grammy! Can you give us a hint about your look for the ceremony next week?

Courtesy of Laufey

It’s very, very classic, I would say … girly classic. I thought, “It’s my first Grammys. I want to appear as myself.”