The Los Bitchos band members preparing for their 2022 New York City concert
Photo by Rosie Cohe


Getting Ready With Los Bitchos For Their 2022 New York City Concert

The four-member band spoke with NYLON about going on tour, their concert ‘fits, and more.

With concerts finally back IRL, there’s a lot to miss about seeing your favorite music artist in person and the energetic atmosphere from fellow listeners. For Los Bitchos, that enthralling feeling is particularly rewarding, as they recently performed their debut album Let The Festivities Begin! live in Brooklyn and considering that the group completed the album in January 2020 before the pandemic hit.

The four-member band, consisting of Serra Petale (guitar), Agustina Ruiz (keytar), Josefine Jonsson (bass), and Nic Crawshaw (drums), hail from different parts of the world but met through the buzzing nightlife in London. Known for their hit single “Pista (Fresh Start),” Los Bitchos takes on a maximalist approach with a retro-futuristic mix of Peruvian chica, Argentine cumbia, Turkish psych and surf guitars, and their latest album is a delightful result of all of that. When it comes to fashion, their hodgepodge of tastes is directly reflected in their own senses of personal style, too.

On June 20, Los Bitchos made a stop at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as a part of their North American tour and for the occasion, the band dressed in a blend of ‘80s disco silhouettes, twee-inspired pieces, and lots of secondhand finds without comprising comfort on stage. “I think we all have different styles but they all match perfectly together and they reflect the energy of the band,” Los Bitchos’ Agustina tells NYLON about the group’s fashion taste.

Check out more from Los Bitchos as they documented their experience getting ready for their concert in New York City, the inspiration behind their on-stage outfits, and more, ahead.

You all just started your U.S. tour for 2022 to promote your debut album Let The Festivities Begin! How has it been to be back and play in the U.S. so far?

Agustina Ruiz: It’s been so much! We are having the best time!

Josefine Jonsson: It’s so great to be in the U.S. Everyone here is just so lovely and we’ve been visiting so many bucket-list places.

Nic Crawshaw: It’s been incredible! It’s been a long wait, so it feels really special to play in the U.S. finally.

Serra Petale: Love being in the U.S. The crowds have been so friendly and enthusiastic. It’s great to finally play the album live over here.

What was the inspiration behind your outfits for your shows this time around? What vibe did you all want to exude at your Brooklyn show in particular?

A.R.: I’m wearing these really cute shorts and a top by an Uruguayan brand called Tach. I love it.

J.J.: I wanted to go for a slight ‘90s vibe. The dress I’m wearing is from H&M and is channeling my inner Baby Spice paired with chunky Dr. Martens sandals. I got the dress from Depop for a bargain of £5 and it arrived just in time for me to take it with me on the tour.

N.C.: I’ve been wearing my Mary Wyatt shorts for pretty much every show this tour! They’re so comfy to play in. I also live in my checkerboard Vans. My style for playing is basically shorts and a T-shirt, although I recently got into wearing dresses too. Anything that keeps me cool, especially in the heat on this tour.

S.P.: I’m all about the bike shorts on this tour. I got one pair from Kill Banana, a Uruguayan brand, and this other pair from Target! A pair of Daria short shorts have also been a staple.

Do you have any getting-ready rituals that you do before any show?

N.C.: Serra and I like to do stretches pre-show and some breathing.

S.P.: All about the stretches and the body warm-ups. We have been doing this one where one person shakes their hips, and the other person yells the days of the week and you have to shake in time. It’s great.

Los Bitchos has such an eccentric sound, and as members of the band, would you say your individual personal styles reflect this same energy?

J.J.: I’d say it definitely reflects us as individuals, especially when playing live! We all somehow got our own styles and personalities on stage which I think complement each other in a nice way.

S.P.: I love how everyone has their own quirks with what they wear. We all really just go with what’s comfortable and what makes us feel good.

How would you all describe the style and aesthetic as a band?

A.R.: Sassy, vintage, colorful, and fun.

J.J.: Sassy, colorful, and comfortable.

N.C.: Fun, vintage, casual, and laid back. We don’t overthink anything really.

What are some favorite pieces as of late that you love to wear while performing?

J.J.: I really like playing in a skirt or dress, not sure why but trousers just aren’t my thing when playing live. My favorite piece is probably a high-waisted black leather skirt, which I bought years ago in a vintage shop in London. It's getting a bit ragged now but I will cling to it for as long as I can. Dr. Martens and Vans are also my go-to for shoes.

N.C.: I just got a silk dress from a label in London called Monika and it was so good to play in Stubbs in Austin as it was over 100 degrees. I also got a secondhand Adidas skirt off Depop that I’m loving at the moment.

A.R.: I like wearing dresses and skirts in general. It’s more comfortable to move and dance on stage. I particularly love a brand called The Hippie Shake & Monika the label, they do the best dresses — ‘70s vibes all around.

S.P.: I bought this Lazy Oaf jumper-dress off of Depop. It’s black with some neon ‘80s-style patches and it makes me so happy. Love Kill Banana and Lacoste shoes. Always been a staple for me.

What can fans expect to see from you while on tour? Any surprises or hints?

A.R.: A lot of fun and dancing!

N.C.: They can definitely expect to see us enjoying ourselves on stage. We are just so happy to be over here playing shows and the response so far has been amazing.

S.P.: They can expect lots of guitar faces!

J.J.: Lots of dancing, whoops, and yells!

Picking outfits out for the show!
Pass the tequila!
Josefine braiding Serra’s hair.
We all live in sneakers. Vans, Converse, Lacoste, and Dr. Martens are our staples.
We love a margarita. Here’s Nic prepping the lime juice for later.
Let the festivities begin!
Life through a lime.
Pre show we do a round of ‘miladies’ and a big hug!
Our first headline show in the U.S. at Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York! We had such a good time, still buzzing! We love you, NYC!Photos by Rosie Cohe
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