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The Ultimate Snowboarding Fashion Guide, According To Olympian Hailey Langland

From durable leggings to the best protective goggles.

Hailey Langland knows her way around a snowy mountain. The 20-year-old California native is an Olympian and X Games gold medalist in snowboarding, spending both her work and leisure time on the slopes. Now that winter is here, more people are looking to dust off their snowboards and recharge their boarding style. Luckily, Langland has the wisdom and experience to offer some solid tips.

"My favorite brands are Lululemon, GoPro, and Oakley," she told NYLON via email while visiting Europe for a competition. "I spent years using their products before ever joining these brands, and they really attest to what they were made for and more."

Having a good day out on the mountain goes behind what kind of board you have. For Langland, a durable staple wardrobe is just as much of a necessity.

When it comes to items that can withstand the constant work of an Olympic athlete, Langland knows the best. From waterproof jackets that will keep you warm and the best goggles for eye protection to her must-have SPF, read all about Langland's snowboarding essentials below before you head out to shred the gnar.

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"My go-to snowboarding look almost reflects what I would wear off of the mountain. It's always very simple, yet very technical. Everything I wear on the mountain is Volcom. They make jackets that look great, keep their function, and really never go out of style. Trends in snowboarding change so much, just like fashion trends, and it's really cool to see it evolve and everyone has their own style in snowboarding."


"I wear Lululemon leggings and tops underneath my snowboard kit, as well as when I go work out at the gym. Something not a lot of people know about me: I run my Lululemon leggings until they've turned into string. So these leggings really can stick up to the challenge of being through extreme activity."


"The reason why I love GoPro so much, is because I've been using their camera products for as long as I can remember. The best part is that nyone can use them, they are reliable, and, in my case, indestructible."


"I don’t need to preach too much about Oakley eyewear, because everyone knows they are the best in the business. Their lens technology, Prizm, has really cemented why they are better than any other goggle."


"My beauty routine is pretty simple. Every day I use the Neutrogena sensitive face moisturizer with SPF 15, as well as another 30 SPF sunscreen. I don't have a specific brand of sunscreen, however I always pick sunscreens that are safe for the environment.

"As far as wellness, I always make sure to drink a lot of water, and eat healthy when I can. When I am competing or training, I make sure to always have a Red Bull in my backpack, in case I ever need a little boost. I find that it goes a long way, especially when I spend close to 4 to 5 hours a day, sometimes more, every day outdoors."