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House Dresses So Comfortable They Might Become Your New Pajamas

They're the ideal summer staple.

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Much of the world's uniform over the past few months has been a reliable sweatsuit. Now, as many itch to put on real clothes (who would have thought?) and the weather is getting warmer, sweatpants are no longer cutting it. So, we're turning to fancier garments to keep us stylishly entertained at home.

House dresses are ideal for this time, particularly in summer, when you want to feel cozy and breezy while still looking put together. Plus, they're so comfortable you may just want to fall asleep in them — though, we advise that doesn't happen during a class or meeting on Zoom.

Turns out, dressing up is directly tied to our self-esteem. "Unless we’re naked, our appearance is mainly made up of our clothing. Therefore, clothing is fundamental in how we are perceived. In turn, this affects our sense of self-worth and ultimately, how we see ourselves compared with others, our self-esteem,” behavioral psychologist Carolyn Mair told NBC News in May. "[F]eeling of lack of control is one of life’s biggest stressors. Accepting that there are things we can’t control is helpful and controlling what we can, such as getting dressed, provides a sense of control."

For whatever reason, putting on a dress has a way of making you feel more, well, dressed up, but not all dresses are created equal. We are, after all, still in the midst of a pandemic, so maintaining some semblance of comfort while working from home or lounging around is crucial.

Below, we picked out our favorite house dresses for you to enjoy wearing indoors, and eventually, outdoors, too.

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