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The early 2000s are back, baby.

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Lady Bird may not have received any critical accolades for its outfits, but it certainly should have. From bootcut jeans and wool sweaters to T-shirts underneath overall dresses, the early-2000s looks worn by Saoirse Ronan (as Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson) have come back in style.

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You may already have a black crossbody bag and white T-shirt, but do you have the much-needed overall plaid dress? Didn't think so.


This yellow version from ASOS is Lady Bird meets Cher Horowitz.

Cotton T-Shirt
Outdoor Voices

You can never have too many comfy and relaxed white T-shirts.

...Or crossbody bags.

This pale pink floral midi dress and pearl necklace, which Lady Bird wore to may have been my exact Easter look in 2003. But for those of us who may not have held onto the clothes our parents made us wear when we were young, here are some modern-day alternatives.

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Express created a slightly more grown-up version of the pale pink dress.

These small pearls are the perfect delicate addition.

Remember boot cut jeans? Of course you do. Well, they would like to be welcomed back into your closet.

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Fuzzy Sweater

This pale green sweater can be worn with just about anything.

...And that includes a pair of bootcut jeans!

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