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15 Gifts For All The Introverts Out There

Your favorite homebody homies

'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that's a full month in which we'll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life.

We're all anti-social sometimes, but true introverts really need their alone-time—something that can be particularly difficult during the holidays. So you'll want to treat them extra-nice this gifting season, because it's bound to be an exhausting next couple of weeks for them.

In that spirit, we've gathered present ideas for all the introverts you know, so that they can better make their home feel like the sanctuary it is. Check them all out, below.

There's been a rise in new, modern pajama brands recently, and we can't help but think that's due to more people staying in than going out.

Here are some PJs your friend won't feel bad about hibernating in all winter long. It's like they're dressing up to go out—except "out" is code for the couch.

Sleeper, "Pierrot" Party Pajama Set in Blue, $280, available at Sleeper.

Clothing company Offhours makes "inactive-wear for being indoors" which basically describes the entirety of an introvert's wardrobe. This ingenious piece is a robe and a comforter wrapped up in one. Cozy just took on new meaning.

Offhours, Homecoat, $295, available at Offhours.

The iQushion midsoles on these slippers make them more comfortable than your typical pair. The built-in arch hugs the feet and your friend may be tempted to wear them all day, even if it's just to go back-and-forth to the kitchen.

FitFlop, Chrissie Shearling Slippers, $90, available at FitFlop.

Now your friend can have all the reruns of Terrace House, Fleabag, and Living Single at their disposal—after you share your password with them, that is.

Amazon, Fire TV Stick, $24.99, available at Amazon.

All those days avoiding people can also be spent learning a new hobby. Knitting isn't just for grandmas, it's for homebodies who don't get out much, also.

We Are Knitters, Downtown Snood Knitting Kid, $44, available at We Are Knitters.

They might not be making it out to Big Sur any time soon, but that doesn't mean they can't imagine that they might... one day.

D.S. & Durga, Big Sur After Rain Candle, $65, available at Need Supply.

Because all of that time indoors is probably wreaking havoc on their skin, give them this adorable humidifier to help balance things out.

HOPEME, Cool Mist Humidifier, $16, available at Amazon.

When introverts are forced to go outside, this tote allows them to show their introverted nature without forcing them to say a word.

Low Star Studio, Just Gimme Some Space Cute Tote Bag, $16.95, available at Zazzle.

Because you know how hard it is for them to come out of their shell, award them when you can.

CynicalRedHead, Small Talk Survivor Pin, $9.60, available at Etsy.

Since everyone's talking about Michelle Obama's new book, it might be a good idea for your friend to read it so that, when they are forced into one of those surface-level conversations, at least they'll have some relevant talking points.

Becoming by Michelle Obama, $19.50, available at Amazon.

Sometimes the best present is the gift of not having to go outside in order to feed yourself.

Seamless, Gift Card, prices vary, available at Seamless.

Plants are a great way to fake like you like the outdoors, and a monthly subscription is an even greater way to bring some green indoors. This one is for plant beginners, so, even if your friend's green thumb is more brown at this point, they'll have plenty of chances to change that.

The Sill, Plants for Beginners Monthly Subscription, $35/month, available at The Sill.

Organic tea, but make it fashion.

Bon Temps, Pu'erh Energy Blend, $16, available at Bon Temps.

Nobody needs this mug with an absurdly long handle, but when has the holidays been about needs? It's about wants, and how can you look at this cup and not smile? Plus, they'll need something just as cute as the packaging on Bon Temps' tea to drink it in.

Workaday Handmade, Short Mug in Blue, $45, available at Coming Soon New York.

A puzzle in honor of all of the doors they won't be knocking on.

Melissa & Doug, Knock Knock Doorways Jigsaw Puzzle, $11.29, available at Target.

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