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Jil Sander For Uniqlo Is Coming Back

11 years after its first launch.

After 11 years from her initial collection with Uniqlo, Jil Sander is ready to release a new collection with the Japanese retailer and brand. This is the second iteration of the +J collaboration, first running from 2009 before going on hiatus in 2011.

"Everything seems to have changed, even in fashion," Sander told Uniqlo's Life Wear magazine in a previous interview. "We are tired of certain forms which we associate with a past that now seems long ago. The material and production techniques develop as well. New fabrics ask for new solutions, for different cuts and patterns. Without necessarily being able to explain the zeitgeist, I can sense the need for contemporary sophistication. I feel today’s magnetisms, tensions and harmonies."

The new +J collection is set to launch in late October, with more details and images of the collection expected to come in the next few weeks. What we do know is that it will include plenty of Sander's signature minimalism for both men and women and, hopefully, align with her vision of modern-day clothing.

"They should be long-lasting and endearing," she said. "They should serve the wearer and give her or him the energy and self-assurance which is so much needed in our global reality."

If we were able to wait almost a full decade from the last collection, we should be able to make it a couple more months.