A woman in Karen Walker sunglasses smiling with confetti around her
photos by derek kettela


celebrate 10 years of karen walker cool

(confetti not included.)

by emma orlow

When it comes to wearing sunglasses, Karen Walker is our go-to girl for cool-girl armor. (After all, we don't want everyone to see when we're low-key checking out some cuties in Washington Square Park or style stalking on the L-train.) And we're not alone—over the past 10 years, we've seen everyone, from some seriously stylish tots to the women of Advanced Style, sporting her sunnies.

Conventionally you're supposed to give tin or aluminum for a 10 year anniversary, but traditions be damned because Karen Walker is commemorating her decade-long milestone with a new campaign called CELEBRATE and a new line of awesome sunnies, duh. All of her most covetable frames, all the way back since the ANNIE (the first one she released back in 2005) are getting reimagined in lux gold. Like her own version of a personality quiz, there’s a gold-plated style out there for whatever shape you fancy. We’re just hoping it comes with all of that cake and confetti...