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Kylie Jenner Wore A Top And Skirt Made Of 1,000+ "Healing" Beads

You know, typical vacay wear.

Kylie Jenner may have left Calabasas for a luxury vacation in Utah, but that hasn't stopped her from serving looks on Instagram. Her most recent outfit from Wednesday, a beaded skirt and top from designer Erika Maish, has already racked up over six million likes. The look was handmade by Maish in Los Angeles with more than 1,000 micro glass beads.

"I prefer structures like beading for their sculptural qualities as, rather than cutting away from fabric, you're building it block by block," Maish told British Vogue. "I hand weave all of my beaded pieces with elastic — although they look fragile they are actually quite durable and easy to fix. The weaving technique makes them completely seamless."

The set, inspired by healing crystals, is based off of Maish's "American Psychic" collection, which she presented while studying for her MA at Central Saint Martins in London after becoming interested in high-powered suits like Ronald Reagan and Wall Street execs using psychics and astrologers.

Jenner's twinkling twin set is the color of tangerine quartz, which, Maish said symbolizes "perseverance and strength" and "promotes creativity and acceptance of change." Perhaps that's why Jenner captioned one of her fit pics with "special kind of energy." Check out the full look, below.