Landon Barker x boohooMAN collaboration.
Courtesy of boohooMAN


Landon Barker’s Fashion Star Is On The Rise

His new collaboration is all about rock-star style.

It’s no surprise that Landon Barker describes his own personal style as a mix of all things rock and high fashion. The 18-year-old (and son of drummer and NYLON cover star Travis Barker)’s interest in clothes started at a young age, with his earliest memories involving wearing the same exact pair of pants every single day — “I hated the fit of the other ones,” remembers Barker — and wishing he could wear more on-trend outfits beyond a store’s kids’ section. “I would always tell myself, ‘When I grow up, and I can fit into men’s sizes, I’m going to have the best style ever,’” he tells NYLON.

Now, not only is Barker pursuing a career in music, but his fashion star is rising along with it, from runway modeling gigs to a new collaboration with BoohooMAN, which is set to release on Wednesday, June 15. “They gave me creative direction, and I was fully able to make it ‘me,’” explains Barker over a call on Zoom. “The inspiration was really just around how much I love fashion, and how I dress on a day-to-day basis.”

Photos Courtesy of boohooMAN

The 40-piece collection, ranging in price from $19 to $67, is packed with stage-ready looks that could easily be seen on the likes of Barker’s rockstar peers and icons. (He’s already worked with Machine Gun Kelly, making his official music debut on “Die In California,” a track from the album Mainstream Sellout that he also wrote himself.) The denim boasts goth-inspired accents, velvet, or rhinestone embellishments, while oversized silhouettes are distressed with frays and added chains. The color red dominates the selection, too, from shiny matching suits and sets to outerwear, shorts, and graphic tees.

When it comes to what Barker’s favorite wardrobe pieces are today, designer names like Raf Simons, Balenciaga, and Dolce & Gabbana come to mind, along with his steady rotation of jewelry, including a necklace that he claims to have not taken off since he was 10, switching up his eight ear piercings, and “lots of pearls, lots of silver.”

Courtesy of boohooMAN

During our conversation, Barker also recalls having his own clothing brand when he was very young. “I dropped collections with it,” he adds. “It wasn’t very serious but it was a lot of fun.” While his latest fashion collaboration has certainly brought back memories of that, focusing on music comes first, especially lately, as he plans to release new solo projects this summer.

“I would start a brand, for sure, but it’s definitely something you need to put 100 percent into, or else it won't really work out,” he says. “But I do want to eventually go down that path and I’m going to work really hard on it when it happens, because I believe music and clothing connect with each other very well.”

See more of Landon Barker’s collaboration with boohooMAN, and shop the collection online at on Wednesday, June 15.

Photos Courtesy of boohooMAN