Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen during "New York Minute" on Location in Manhattan - October 9, 2003...
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Private Icon: New York Minute

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can even make a towel and bathrobe look fashionable.

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It’s hard to pick a favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie but New York Minute comes close. The two play Long Island sisters who find themselves in a slew of misadventures during a day trip to Manhattan. Despite the spills, strange encounters, and overall bad luck, the Olsens still manage to pull off a ton of great looks. Check out their best fashion moments from the movie (and how to recreate them) ahead.

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Prim and proper Jane (Ashley) and laid-back Roxy (Mary-Kate) had very different personalities, and their styles reflected that.

Be sure to avoid any spills when wearing this.

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A roomy shoulder bag that Jane (played by Ashley Olsen) would likely approve of.

For the Metallica fan who loves a little wear and tear.

AE '90s Flare Jean
American Eagle

In case you haven’t heard, flare jeans are back, baby!

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The Y2K fashion comeback won’t be complete until newsboy caps are trending again.

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They can even make terry cloth towels and robes look good.

A robe so cozy you’ll ever want to take it off.

Luckily, terry cloth is a huge summer trend.

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What’s a Y2K wardrobe without a cut-up T-shirt?

DIY project! Grab some scissors and cut it up just like the Olsens’ shirts.

Tennis Skirt
Los Angeles Apparel

If you’re an Ashley, get the skirt.

And if you’re a Mary-Kate, go for the shorts.

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Bling Hair Salon saves the day!

A bright green dress that appears like a shirt-and-skirt set.

It’s time to get back into knee-high boots again.

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Not as good as MK’s original velour set but this is certainly close.

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The curvy strap is a cool, unexpected detail.

MK&A piled on the silver jewelry for their final looks. Stock up accordingly.

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