Flower basket bag from High Cheeks


Most Wanted: High Cheeks Flower Basket Bag

The perfect summer accessory

Accessory lovers rejoice! Basket bags are the latest bag trend, no picnic required.

The basket bag has recently been popping up everywhere, and we can’t help but smile when we see them. So when we learned that High Cheeks put its own spin on the bag, we had to check it out. 

This bag is the perfect combination of elusive Insta-girl street style and the summer forever vibe that L.A. girls have mastered. The cylindrical shape is cool and modern, while still giving off a vintage, '50s vibe. 

With this style, the magic is in the details: Kitschy floral detailing, the removable strap, and the drawstring top (so you don’t spill out the contents) make this bag a must-have. 

High Cheeks Flower Bucket Bag, $193, available at W Concept.