A model in items from Ari Fitz x Reebok Classic Collaboration Collection
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Ari Fitz X Reebok Classic Is Making Our Tomboy Dreams Come True

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by Dannielle Owens-Reid

Today in fashion things to get really excited about, Reebok Classics has launched a collaboration with fashion blogger Ari Fitz of TOMBOYISH. Fitz tells us, "[This campaign is meant to] highlight and promote androgynous and tomboy style.” It’s a pretty big deal for such a well-known, huge brand to promote a line that is directly trying to engage with their gender non-nonconforming audience, which is exactly why Fitz is into it. 

"As a girl who wears menswear every single day and gets called 'sir' on a regular basis, I'm not your typical fashion blogger or vlogger by any means. 'Tomboys' make a bold decision to be ourselves every time we get dressed in the morning or post something online,” she says. And while pop culture has come a long way in recent years by increasing representation of gender-noncomforming people, fashion has not quite caught up.

“Personally, I think it's a huge move for them. I've always loved how Reebok stood behind and showcased strong women. Somehow, we came to believe beauty immediately translated to the hyper-feminine, and frankly, that’s not always the case. My fashion films reflect that, Reebok reflects that, and that's why I knew working together was right.”

According to Fitz, the campaign will be running until the end of 2015. She says she’ll be “releasing original content showcasing how I integrate the brand into my ambiguous AF street style."

Click through to see the campaign images, and don't miss Fitz's Twitter chat about androgynous fashion and confidence in November. 

Photo via Reebok
Photo via Reebok
Photo via Reebok