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The 19 Best Short Sets For A Low-Key Summer

You don't need to have any plans to wear these.

by Gabrielle Prescod and Erika Harwood
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The world may be back to normal(ish) again this summer, but are we really expected to part with our beloved matching short sets? Absolutely not. Whether you’re ready to hit the streets or have grown comfortable with the at-home lifestyle, the loungewear in our closets could use a bit of a refresh. It's time to spice things up a bit for the warm-weather season, but still keep things comfortable and casual.

The trend of pajamas as everyday wear isn't particularly new. Silk sleepwear had a fashion moment a few years ago, but a long-sleeved silk set isn't exactly ideal for when the weather temps rise, even if your plans are just lounging around at home in front of your AC unit. A shirt-and-shorts set is perfect for just about everything, from an outdoor hangout with friends or chilling on the couch and watching every episode of The OC on HBO Max.

Fortunately, there's a matching set for just about every taste. From dual-toned colors and standout prints to lightweight fabrics, we've rounded up some of the best pieces on the market. You don’t need to have a jam-packed summer to wear these, just a little extra space in your closet.

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