Squid Game Is 2021’s Top Halloween Costume — Here’s 7 Ideas To Shop Now

Dress up as your favorite characters from the hit Netflix show.

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The following contains spoilers for Squid Game.

There’s no denying that Squid Game is Netflix’s most popular series of all time. Reigning from South Korea, the hit show explores the concepts of how poverty leads to acts of desperation, and, eventually, the brutal game of death. Within a span of four days since its release date on Sept. 17, Squid Game became the most popular Korean production of all time, and the first Korean show to rate #1 in America. Now, it’s taking over our Halloween costume planning, too.

With “Spooky Szn” right around the corner, you might be looking to recreate some looks from the hit TV show. I mean, nothing screams horror quite like 456 individuals fighting to their deaths just to win 45 million dollars. (Eeeek, capitalism, am I right?) With the show’s beyond-exponential rise, you’re bound to creep out your friends and get people talking about the show all night long. Plus, most of these pieces are perfect for lounging around after Halloween is over — just make sure you remove your iron-on player number before people really start to think we’re in a Squid Game simulation.

Whether you’re looking to dress up with your squad in the green tracksuits or channel the lone Front Man, we got you covered. Check out 7 Squid Game Halloween costumes ideas, like The Doll’s schoolgirl outfit, Sae-byeok’s tuxedo look, and more, ahead.

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Squid Game Halloween Costume Idea: Seong Gi-Hun’s Outfit


Before going into the torturous game, Seong Gi-Hun (played by actor Lee Jung-Jae) was a 40-something-year-old looking to clear his debt in order to be with his daughter and help out his sick mother. If you’re looking to go a bit low-key this Halloween, you can still achieve Squid Game’s distraught main character look, starting with a basic tee and khaki bottoms. Pair your costume with a bomber jacket, a fitted baseball cap, and a watch, too. But the key to Gi-Hun’s look is to throw in a cigarette and recreate some fake bruises.

Squid Game Halloween Costume Idea: The Salesman


We never got to know much about the salesman (played by actor Gong-Yoo) other than the intense game he played with Gi-Hun in the subway, where he repeatedly slapped him after he lost. But the salesman’s look is pretty simple: gray suit, white shirt, black tie, black shoes, slicked-back hair, and a mischievous grin. Elevate your costume by making (and learning how to play) the blue and red squares from the Korean game called Ddakji, which the salesman uses to lure Gi-Hun into the wicked games.

Squid Game Halloween Costume Idea: The Players


Of course, it wouldn’t be Squid Game without the infamous green uniforms. Team up with your friends this Halloween (or go solo, if you’re brave enough) in a green tracksuit and make sure to designate your spot in the games by ironing on your player number. Some of your favorite sporty brands likely have a replica of the uniform, but Etsy sellers are already on it with very similar-looking versions, too. Finish off your look with white slip-on sneakers and you’re set to play your very first game of the night!

Squid Game Halloween Costume Idea: The Guards


Now, maybe you’re looking to switch it up a bit by dressing up as The Guards, who were also a huge part of the show, overseeing (and um, killing) the participants. Keep your players in check by opting for a red jumpsuit or boiler suit and black combat boots. Complete your costume with one of the black masks with your favorite shape on it, along with black gloves.

Squid Game Halloween Costume Idea: The Front Man


The Front Man is the mysterious man behind the game, but he wears quite an elaborate ensemble for a mass murderer, in my opinion. If you’re looking to be the ring leader in your group this Halloween, you have a few options to choose from, starting with his metallic coat. Pair it with black pants and black gloves, and oh, you can’t forget his geometrically shaped face mask.

Squid Game Halloween Costume Idea: The Doll


The Doll has become the most talked-about figure in Squid Game. In the first episode, she appears to be just a robotic schoolgirl leading the game of “Red Light, Green Light!”, but we see that her gaze is deadly, literally. If you want to achieve her playful preppy ‘fit, you can opt for a yellow Peter Pan-collared blouse under an orange dress. Finish your costume with thigh-high white socks, black Mary Jane shoes, and be sure to tie your hair in low pigtails.

Squid Game Halloween Costume Idea: The Final Three Players

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Congratulations, you managed to survive Squid Game thus far! Celebrate making the “Top 3” by going for a suited look, starting off with a black blazer-and-trouser combo and a white button-down top. Then, pair your ensemble with black loafers and a bow tie. You can even mimic Sae-byeok (played by Jung Ho-yeon) even further by adding faux freckles and fake scars to your look.

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