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Susan Alexandra Teams Up With Handsome Brook Farms On Egg-Inspired Accessories

Eggs, but make them fashion.

Susan Alexandra can find inspiration just about anywhere, and that includes the breakfast table. The designer, known as the pioneer in the beaded handbag trend, has teamed up with Handsome Brook Farms, America’s leading producer of ethically and sustainably produced eggs, on a fun and fashionable three-piece collection of handcrafted egg-adorned accessories.

“I love the irreverence of an egg,” Alexandra tells NYLON. “They are at once so wholesome, nostalgic, warm, funny. Everyone has memories centered around eggs! My dad used to make ‘onions and eggs’ using his special technique every Sunday morning as an antidote to dreaded Sunday school. Eggs are also a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, and fertility. This collection is an homage to all those things: memories of the past, hopes for the future, and randomly funny motifs.”

The collection includes a one Alexandra’s signature mini beaded bags in a bright blue with a sunny-side-up egg at the center, a beaded egg hair clip, and mini egg charm earrings. Prices range from $55 for the hair clip to $230 for the bag, which is large enough to comfortably stash at least three eggs.

“Our priority as a brand is helping the consumer understand why seemingly small everyday choices like purchasing sustainably and ethically produced eggs contribute to a brighter future,” said Matthew Sherman, CMO of Handsome Brook Farms, in an official statement for NYLON. “We can't think of a better way to help this message come alive this spring than this partnership with Susan. If this collection isn’t a conversation starter about eggs, we don't know what is.”

Check out more of the collection and shop it, below, or over on Susan Alexandra’s website.