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Telfar Bags Are Retaining More Value Than Hermès

Luxury resale site Rebag released its 2022 appraisal report, which found that Telfar bags retained more value than any legacy brands.

by Jamie Feldman

If you’re still holding out (and saving up) for a Birkin, the Bushwick Birkin just might be more worth your while.

Luxury resale site Rebag just released its third Clair report, which identifies emerging and shifting pricing and brand value trends. In what might be its most surprising finding this year, it reports that Telfar, technically a contemporary brand, exceeded all legacy brands as far as value retention is concerned, including Hermès.

Of course, that news won’t come as a surprise to its legions of fans who proudly tote the instantly recognizable bag, wait in hours-long lines at its pop-ups, and scramble to get their hands on one every time a new drop is announced.

According to Clair, Telfar bags consistently sell for “145 percent of retail price.” That number includes the brand’s collaborations, like with Ugg (with a whopping 211 percent retained value) and its own offerings, like the shopping tote, at 193 percent of retained value.

Rebag’s findings credit the bags’ exclusivity and limited availability with its massive increase in resale price. A look on Rebag’s website shows one of its small shopping totes going for $320, compared to the $150 it goes for on the Telfar site (during the short window of time it’s not sold out, that is).

To see a brand that uses the tagline “not for you — for everyone” beat out some of the heaviest hitters in the luxury retail space in this way is a breath of fresh air. It’s just another reason to invest in one (or as many as you can get).

To read the entire report, click here.