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This Mini Skirt Trend Is What You'll Want To Wear All Summer

The must-wear garment of the mid-2000s is having a bit of a renaissance.

by Gabrielle Prescod and Erika Harwood

Summer doesn’t start officially until late June, which feels wrong. All the trees have leaves on them, the sun is shining, and the hot days have officially started to outnumber the cold ones (apologies if you live in the Southern hemisphere, as this does not apply there). While it may not be officially summer, we're declaring that summer is here, regardless, which means it’s time to take out the shorts, and yes, the mini skirts.

Mini skirts are having a bit of renaissance. The must-wear, lower-body garment of the mid-2000s was replaced by shorts and maxi skirts in the years that followed. But fashion is cyclical, and mini skirts are slowly making their way back into closets and onto our bodies.

There are many ways to make your mini skirt stand out in a sea of others, and one of those is a new subtle, but striking detail that has been popping up this is season: a slit. No, slits are not just reserved for Angelina Jolie and red carpet gowns. Whether you prefer a denim mini or a body-hugging tube skirt, there is a slit option available for those who want to show off even more leg.

Below are some of our favorites for summer, which as we previously stated, is definitely here.

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