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13 Mesh Bras To Wear Even If You Hate Wearing Bras Now

You might even forget that you’re wearing one in the first place.

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With a variety of brands and designers revamping the way women wear and think about their bras, it’s easy to see how they’re no longer an item that was meant to be hidden, but rather seen now. Mesh bras have literally been everywhere, from Instagram feeds to red carpets. Made from breathable and smoothing material, mesh bras are becoming more and more ideal to wear as an everyday item, underneath any outfit — or as the outfit.

If there’s anything to take away from warm-weather styling and trends it’s that a bra isn’t always just a bra. The garment has way more to offer than just great support, as it’s quickly becoming our go-to as a standalone top or the foundation for fashionable layering. (We love to pair a mesh bra with a slouchy cardigan or oversized sweatshirt for peak coziness.)

Whether you’re relaxing at home or prepping for your next thirst trap, mesh bras have become a favorite to throw on and show off. If the idea of a bra-turned-top is not your style, we still encourage you to give mesh bras a try. They’re so comfy against your skin that you might even forget that you’re wearing a bra in the first place.

From the classic triangle to a daring plunge, we’ve rounded up the best mesh bras to shop and wear now, below.

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