Casper Kofi/Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf


Viktor & Rolf's Couture Fall 2020 Collection Has Emojis, Robe Dresses, & Social Distancing Coats

Viktor & Rolf sure know how to make couture for the internet age.

On Wednesday, Dutch designer duo Viktor & Rolf presented their haute couture collection for Fall 2020, titled "Change" and inspired by every emotion we've experienced while in quarantine during this global pandemic: anxiety, confusion, and love.

The collection is broken down into three mini wardrobes, which the luxury brand showcased with a video narrated by British singer Mika. Each one is made up of three items — an emoji-adorned nightgown, a dressing gown (or robe), and a coat especially designed for social distancing — that embody each mindset.

For anxiety, the clothes are dark and moody, consisting of a deep blue satin gown with a raincloud motif made from lace, a gray robe "meant to be worn inside the home only," and a faux leather coat with spiky cones to keep others six feet away. "There's a lot to feel angry about, and this garment will communicate exactly that," says Mika. "Its striking volume and cone motif will impress and make you feel safe." In the video, the model wears the coat with a face mask, which Viktor & Rolf claims to be the "smartest new accessory of the season," and we fully sport that!

With confusion, the collection's pale pink gown includes conflicting emojis, while the (also pink) fuzzy robe boasts canary yellow trim and bows. The voluminous pleather coat has glittery accents, holes, and tunnels as a couture-friendly "safe zone."

Lastly, for love, hearts fittingly embellish each piece, which, hopefully, will be the final mood we'll experience once *waves arms wildly* all of this is over. "If only we could change ourselves as easily as we do our outfits, who wouldn't choose love? Because love conquers all," noted Viktor & Rolf in a statement on its website.

Viktor & Rolf sure know how to make couture for the internet age. Its Spring 2019 collection made waves (and memes and plenty of viral online fodder) for its Instagram-friendly tulle gowns covered with snarky phrases, like "Go to hell," "No photos please," "Sorry I'm late I didn't want to come," "I'm not shy I just don't like you," and more.

Perhaps they already tapped into what "quar couture" would look like years before today's lockdowns. In 2005, Viktor & Rolf's sleep-themed fall collection — wherein models doubled as ornate walking beds with pillow accessories and duvet-style dresses — may have predicted our current "dressing up for doing nothing," self-care-inspired aesthetic. Here's hoping the "Change" collection is an optimistic glimpse into our future, too.

See more of Viktor & Rolf's haute couture Fall 2020 collection, below, along with the special presentation's video.

Anxiety WardrobeCasper Kofi/Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf
Confusion WardrobeCasper Kofi/Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf
Love WardrobeCasper Kofi/Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf