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From Coastal Grandma To Indie Sleaze, What’s Your Summer Aesthetic?

Your main character style is calling.

How are you planning to spend your summer? Decompressing on a beach, perhaps (Sally Rooney book in hand, of course). Or maybe you’re looking to blow off your post-finals steam with a full week of nights out dancing to Bad Bunny tunes. Summer is the season when you’re meant to embrace your most hedonistic self — the weather is warm, the days are long, and your responsibilities are taking second seat to all of your fun plans. But, plans aren’t enough, you need a summer style aesthetic that fits the person you want to be in 2022. If you’re not already exceedingly online, pop onto social media for an intro to the season’s fashion trends to consider as you develop what type of main character you’re planning to be.

Where to start? These days, so many trends find their early footing on Tik Tok. It’s a space where creators are quick to call out shifts in the cultural mood and to highlight emerging (and sometimes too many) aesthetics. This year, the reigning fashion movements shake out into two groupings. First, the cute, comfortable vibe of styles like Coastal Grandma and Coconut Girl, which work for both the introvert and the adventurer. Though, they’re definitely more geared towards a summer spent in the sun. Then, there are the after-dark approaches of trends like Night Luxe and Villain Era dressing, which tend to be a bit more revealing and over-the-top. Cutouts, sequins, and high heels are ideal if your goal is to let loose on the dance floor and hit the local hot spots.

No matter the summer you’re aiming to have, find the five dominating aesthetics to channel, below.

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Summer 2022 Aesthetic Trend No. 1: Coastal Grandma

Nancy Meyers has long been the advocate for this aesthetic, and it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. When you’re curled up on a cozy couch at your low-key beach house, be sure to break out the soft neutrals from head to toe. While you may not be gardening like Oprah or whipping up a party platter like Ina Garten, you can definitely dress the part.

Summer 2022 Aesthetic Trend No. 2: Night Luxe

Swap your hot girl summer for a little something fancier. Night luxe is the trend that’s all about taking your post-sunset glamour to the next level. Think: feathers, sequins, and short hemlines. If you didn’t know it before, consider this proof that the roaring ‘20s are here yet again.

Summer 2022 Aesthetic Trend No. 3: Indie Sleaze

For those that lived through the first edition of indie sleaze, the basics brand American Apparel sat at the core of the messy, twee aesthetic. This time around, skip some of the cringe-inducing accessories (no newsboy caps, please), and opt for preppy-punk staples that you can finish off with a pair of Doc Martens. Or, if you’re really feeling for some throwback footwear: ballet flats or gladiator sandals.

Summer 2022 Aesthetic Trend No. 4: Coconut Girl

Whether your summer plans involve a visit to a beach somewhere or not, you can always embrace the breezy toes-in-the-waves aesthetic by channeling your inner Coconut Girl. Tropical prints and a bright and punchy color palette are both requirements for pulling off the look. Add a few pieces of playful rainbow jewelry, grab a frozen drink of choice, and you’ve nailed it.

Summer 2022 Aesthetic Trend No. 5: Villain Era

It’s time to stop playing nice. Entering your villain era isn’t about actually doing anything evil, but it’s all about dressing the part of a woman who is owning her power and energy — and refusing to let anyone stand in her way. Choose pieces that are sharp, sleek, and edgy… just like you.