Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images


We Can Finally Follow Frank Ocean On Instagram

It's public!

Frank Ocean unexpectedly made his Instagram account public late Thursday night, finally letting fans follow him. He celebrated the change with a mirror selfie captioned "welcome," and has quickly racked up over 500,000 followers. No doubt, it'll be a much larger number in no time.

There's over a year of content to catch up with, dating back to May 2017. Pitchfork points out that Ocean has left plenty of great personal content for fans to dig into, like an invite to his birthday party and snaps of friends SZA and Tyler, the Creator.

Earlier this month, Ocean tried to get fans to vote by offering them free merchandise at his pop-up shops in Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

With so many new photos to get through, we now know what we'll be doing this weekend.