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Humidity Isn't A Problem Since Adding This Hair Serum To My Routine

Don't sleep on this

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My hair is always one of two things: a frizzy mess or limp and lifeless (or, if it's feeling particularly annoying, a crazed mixture of both). So, if a hair product can make my hair sleek without making it lie flat against my head, then I will love it forever.

But, lately, I haven't found much to love since an outpouring of spring showers resulted in my working twice as hard to make sure my hair didn't end up looking like a bird's nest. That all changed, though, when I started using Design.ME's Gloss.ME serum, which has actually kept my hair looking perfect in the midst of even the most brutal rainstorm. Trust me when I say that had never happened before.

In addition to keeping my hair sans-frizz even in the most humid of weather, this serum has also given my strands a glossiness that I didn't even know was possible—and didn't even know I needed. I'd always thought that my hair was pretty shiny, to begin with, but now I've realized that it wasn't able to reach its full potential before being introduced to this gloss. What makes it so special? I don't know! Maybe it's that the serum's key ingredient is cannabis sativa seed oil, which really puts the "high" in high shine? Though I've used CBD and hemp seed oils on my face and body to calm and moisturize my skin and relieve muscle pain, I'd never thought that they would be such a great addition to my hair care routine.

When used in the hair, cannabis sativa seed oil (more commonly known as hemp seed oil) has the same moisturizing properties as it does when used on the face, and also works to strengthen your strands. In addition, this Gloss.ME serum is also formulated with rice bran oil for extra glossiness; argan oil, for strengthening and smoothing; and, nourishing moringa seed oil to treat split ends.

This serum has so totally cured my frizz problems in the midst of this rainy spring, that I have no doubt it will work wonders when the summer comes around. And considering how humid New York City's subway platforms get, that is no small feat.

Design.ME, Gloss.ME, $24, available at Design.ME.