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Goody's Latest Line Was Made Specifically For Textured Hair

The collection features brushes, elastics, and combs

The brand behind many of your favorite hair care products and accessories announced a new line specifically created for textured hair. Goody's Total Texture collection has arrived, and the seven item line includes brushes, combs, and hair accessories all made to help you achieve your best textured hair. While news of the launch is certainly exciting, the best part about the collection might be its price point, as items retail for $5 to $10.

Featured in the launch, which Allure reports is being promoted by hairstylist Nikki Nelms, are three detangling brushes. The Intelliloop Detangler ($8.99) was made for sensitive scalps, and features bristles that will glide with ease through extensions, wigs, and weaves. Its snag-free brushing technology comes with a tapered head, too, allowing you to get close to your roots. Other highlights of the collection include the Intelliwave Detangler brush ($8.99), which boasts soft bristles to prevent breakage of coarse textured hair, and the Oil Infused Detangler brush infused with Mongongo Oil ($9.99), which nourishes hair, adds shine, and reduces frizz.

The line also has a Detangling Comb ($7.99), with wide space teeth for preserving the shape of your curl and a Pick Comb ($6.99), that features long teeth to promote hair lift at the root.

As for hair accessories, the Total Texture collection does include Super Stretch Elastics ($4.99) that won't break, no matter how you much stretch them, and Extra Thick Elastics ($5.99) which provide extra support and come without that annoying metal that can pull or snag hair.

According to a press release from the brand, products will be available in select CVS and Wal-Mart stores beginning this month.

Pick and peruse which products you want to buy, below.

Detangling Comb ($7.99)

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Extra Thick Elastics ($5.99)

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Intelliwave Detangler ($8.99)

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Oil Infused Detangler ($9.99)

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Pick Comb ($6.99)

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