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The Birkin Bag Of Beauty Is Coming

Hermès just announced some major news

Luxury French fashion house and creator of the iconic Birkin bag Hermès has revealed some pretty exciting news: Come 2020, it will be extending its presence into the world of beauty.

According to Business of Fashion, the brand will be following the footsteps of its luxury fashion counterparts such as Chanel and Dior with the launch of cosmetics and skin-care ranges. Both lines will be developed in-house and then manufactured by third-party suppliers "mostly in France and Italy." According to the report, these new ranges will also feature plastic-free packaging; we're happy to see the brand is keeping sustainability in mind.

While the luxury brand has already had success with its multiple fragrances—along with products such as scented body lotions and soaps as a part of the range—this will be its first true endeavor into skin care and makeup.

Considering that most, especially younger consumers, aren't investing thousands of dollars into bags like the Birkin (or even a couple hundred for a printed silk scarf, for that matter), beauty products, that are typically available at a more accessible price point, are a smart way to appeal to the younger set and draw in new customers.

No other information or launch date has been announced as of yet, but stay tuned as we await more details.