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James Charles Called out Kaitlin Bennett for "Harmful" Opinions

The YouTuber made his feelings known about the viral gun activist

As a supporter of President Donald Trump and an activist associated with conservative political viewpoints, Kaitlin Bennett has gained viral notoriety for filming videos of her visiting college campuses to interview students about their political beliefs. During one of her most recent visits to Ohio University, Bennett was forced to leave the campus due to protesting. And when a YouTuber that goes by the moniker Keemstar expressed his support for her, beauty YouTuber James Charles spoke out against Kaitlin Bennett, with his comments later catching her attention.

In a series of tweets, Charles advised Keemstar that he should not have spoken in support of Bennett, Revelistreported. When Keemstar tweeted that he thought Bennett (better known on Twitter as "Gun Girl") was cool, Charles responded, writing, "Uhh this one should've stayed in the drafts chief." Keemstar then responded, inquiring "Do support people bully this girl , aussulting [sic] this girl because she has different beliefs? I hope not." Charles then replied, "She deserves it." He later clarified his stance, saying, "I'm not harassing, provoking or threatening to pull a gun on people with beliefs that are harmful and oppressive tho."

Shortly after making his initial tweet, Charles made an additional comment that appeared to reference some of the feedback he had received for saying that Bennett "deserved" backlash. "I get that a lot of people don't like me. I've learned to accept & understand it - but the extent that some people on this app are willing to go in attempt to ruin my life is truly sad. I hope one day people find a way to feel validation without having to bash others for likes," Charles wrote.

The tweet earned the attention of Bennett, who wrote, "That's funny coming from the guy that said I deserve to be assaulted for having different opinions." In a now deleted tweet, which was captured by fans, Charles clarified that he did not believe Bennett deserved to be assaulted.

"You & I are not the same," Charles wrote to Bennett. "You don't deserve to be assaulted. No one does. You do, however, deserve to deal with the criticism and comments you get from people when you enter into spaces where you aren't welcome and provoke people with harmful, oppressive, and offensive opinions." Since the exchange, both Charles and Bennett have apparently not responded again to one another.

Below, see the now deleted response from Charles in full.