The Spiritual Meaning of 2/22/22


The Spiritual Meaning of 2/22/22

Get ready to make a wish at 2:22 on 2/22/22.

Remember when we thought 2/2/22 was a big deal? Buckle up — because on 2/22/22, the power of numerology is going to be off the charts. There hasn’t been as major a day for numerology since 1/11/11, and we won’t have another palindrome date like 2/22/22 this century.

So what significance does 2/22/22 have? 22 is considered to be a “master number” in numerology, and since 2/22/22 has two 22’s in it, it’s even more powerful. According to numerology, the number 22 channels cosmic wisdom down to Earth and uses it to turn dreams into reality — melding the spiritual and the material. Sounds good!

And 2’s good fortune goes beyond numerology. In Chinese culture, two is thought to be a lucky number, because of a belief that all good things come in pairs.

To top it all off: This 2/22/22 is going to be especially powerful because it also occurs on a Tuesday, or what some people online are calling “Twosday.” This is getting spooky!

Palindrome dates are apparently a big day for weddings. And officials are expecting massive numbers of couples to get married this 2/22/22. Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, is opening a temporary marriage license office at the airport to help couples coming to Vegas to tie the knot. And Sacramento, California is asking 222 couples to bring their marriage licenses and come “dressed to impress” for a “once-in-a-lifetime” collective wedding event, which runs from 2-2:22pm. We have questions.

Think of the day as one to focus on how to work with others to achieve peace, harmony and other common goals. “The number 22 is a master number signifying many people working together to build a structure or platform that idealistically brings us together,” numerologist Josh Siegel told Bustle. “The purpose of the 2s is to learn cooperation and harmony and to reestablish a point of balance.”

As far as astrology is concerned, on 2/22/22 the sun and Jupiter will be traveling through Pisces, while the moon makes its way through Scorpio. Pay attention to your dreams and emotions, as they’ll all be magnified by Jupiter’s benevolent presence.

Numerology also asks us to consider not just brief moments when a number is in our life, like on 2/22/22, but to try to look at the numbers that most frequently come up. If 22 often arises for you, it could mean you’re a hard, dedicated worker who isn’t destined for a career-based life, but a more spiritual path.

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