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Indian Superstar Alia Bhatt On Her Favorites Things

Alia Bhatt, from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Earlier this May, Alia Bhatt crossed off a crucial Hollywood milestone: her Met Gala debut. Alongside Nepalese-American designer Prabal Gurung, Bhatt stunned in an elegant, all-white bridal gown, complete with a sheer train and intricate pearl beading, her arrival marking one of the night’s biggest if-you-know-you-know moments. Bhatt has long been Bollywood and Hindi film darling; she made her silver screen debut in 1999’s Sangharsh at only six years old and has a career that spans two decades. Now, she’s taking her talents global — and she’s bringing everyone along for the ride.

The actress, who splits her time between Mumbai and London, is quickly making her mark on Hollywood; she’s already one of the highest-paid movie stars in India, starred in the Academy Award-winning Indian action drama RRR, and led Netflix’s summer thriller release Heart of Stone. She’s even breaking barriers on the fashion front; this year, Bhatt became Gucci’s first-ever Indian ambassador. (It’s no surprise the brand makes her favorite heels: “They are so comfortable and give me all the height the universe took away from me,” she tells NYLON.)

Ahead of Bhatt becoming a household name, the actress took on the NYLON 19 — sharing her thoughts on paranormal encounters, Rihanna’s pregnancy fashion, and her undying love for Beyoncé.

1. What’s your astrological sign (and do you believe in it)?

Pisces, and yes, I whole heartedly believe in signs and their connections and possible similar traits.

2. Do you believe in ghosts (and have you ever seen one)?

I believe in souls, and no thank God I haven’t seen a ghost.

3. What’s your go-to drink order? (And go-to hangover cure?)

I love an Aperol Spritz. It’s super light and refreshing. My go-to-hangover cure (although it’s been a while since I’ve been hungover) is a sweaty workout and Vitamin C.

4. Who would be the three headliners of the music festival of your dreams?

Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Coldplay.

5. What's the weirdest snack that you make?

Apple peanut butter sandwich, which is basically an apple and peanut butter smashed together.

6. What's a bad habit of yours that you've been meaning to fix?

Picking up my phone as soon as I wake up in the morning.

7. What was the last internet rabbit hole you went down?

I don’t have the time to do that anymore! But I think it was something food related. I love looking at people make food for themselves

8. Describe your worst date in three words.

I’ve been pretty lucky and not had any weird ones. I also haven't been much of a dater. But my worst “imaginary" date would be if the man turned out to be un-funny, self-involved, and chewed loudly.

9. What was the last DM you received?

Must be a meme on my girl's group about how we have no friends.

10. If you could be in any music video, what would it be?

Anything with Beyoncé... I don’t mind being a tree.

11. What was your first concert, and what are your memories of it?

Coldplay in Berlin. One of my most memorable life experiences.

12. What was your favorite movie as a kid?

The Lion King.

13. What was your teenage AIM screen name? What lyrics would make up your AIM away message today?

I was an MSN girl — “punkbabe" was my ID and today I would be just “dreamer.”

14. What's your favorite meme/internet joke and why?

I love impersonations over existing footage of me or someone with me. When artists do voice overs of an imaginary conversation, it’s hilarious.

15. What's your go-to breakup song?

It used to be “Unfaithful” when I was like 12. I haven’t been close to a break up in too long to know what these songs are.

16. What is your favorite red carpet look of all time worn by someone else?

Rihanna's pregnancy looks were a moment for the world. I loved her vibe!

17. What is one thing everyone should buy that is under $10?

Flowers and give them to your mom!

18. What is one question you never want to be asked again?

“How does it feel to be doing successful women-oriented films?"

19. What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own, and why?

My Gucci black heels. They are so comfortable and give me all the height the universe took away from me.