August 2023's Full Super Blue Moon In Pisces, Explained


August’s Full Moon in Pisces Brings Your Dreams Into Reality

The full moon in Pisces peaks on August 30, creating the concrete structure for every dreamy possibility.


To live like a Pisces, one must go with the flow. Pisces, the fish and the final sign of the zodiac, flows wherever it can, like a glass of spilled water, or an expansive ocean. “Unlike fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces has no shell or defense, making it the most empathic — and endangered — of signs,” writes NYLON astrologer, David Odyssey. “Ruled by Neptune, planet of higher, or altered consciousness, and Jupiter, planet of expansion, Pisces can ride the invisible channels like a wave.”

That’s all the makings of a psychedelic good time until you take a peek at the current astrology forecast to see a full moon in Pisces on August 30 alongside another planet in the sign of the fish: Saturn. If a full moon in Pisces is a siren call for dreamers, Saturn is Judge Judy, banging a gavel and announcing that the jig is up, that there’s rules to follow and restraints to make.

It’s the name of the game of August’s full moon in Pisces. As the first full moon in Pisces since Saturn moved into the water sign in March, this lunation is illuminating what structures exists, which ones are built to last, and which ones need to be torn down and taken back to the cosmic architect’s office. Saturn’s nitty-gritty nature is for your own good — and with Piscean wonder on tap, this lunation could be beneficial for laying the groundwork for growth through 2026. (Learn more in-depth details about Saturn in Pisces — including your Saturn in Pisces horoscope — to see how the transit affects you personally.)

August’s full moon in Pisces marks the second full moon of the month, making it a rare treat: a super blue moon. According to the Observer's Handbook of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, it’s also the "largest full moon of 2023." The skies — and the possibilities to come will be brighter than ever. In the sign of synthesis, processing, and spiritual connection, the August 30 super blue moon in Pisces helps you to tell your story. “Ditch the apocalyptic nihilism and the dull dissociation,” suggests Odyssey. “Who did you become this summer? What did you leave behind? What did you face? If you can own it, and tell it, it may be the catalyst to a new beginning.”