Your Saturn in Pisces Horoscope Calls For Redefinition


Your Saturn in Pisces Horoscope Calls For Redefinition

Saturn enters Pisces for the first time since the mid-90s, arming you to set boundaries and define your life.

On March 7, 2023, Saturn, the planet of structure, enters Pisces, the sign of shapelessness. From 2023 through 2026, Saturn will confront our relationships to addictions, dependencies, and dissociation, initiating an awakening, and a rebirth (if you can make it). A new crop of girlies will face their Saturn Return sagas, and the collective culture will filter out the dead noise. But how will this cosmic showdown affect your chart? Consult our horoscopes below to face your dark master with poise.


Saturn enters Pisces from March 7, 2023 through May 24, 2025, dips into Aries for a summer preview, then returns to Pisces for a final residency from August 31, 2025 through February 13, 2026. The last time Saturn was in Pisces was 1993–1996; if you were born in this time, you’re in for your first Saturn Return (you can learn more about your Saturn Return here).

Consult our Saturn in Pisces explainer to go in-depth on past and previous editions of this transit, but suffice it to say: Pisces represents the ocean of human connection, where all streams of contact and consciousness wash up. Saturn has come to save us from drowning under the influences of the opiates of the masses: scrolling and streaming media, corporate-engineered universes and realities, pornography, and literal opiates, which have claimed the lives of millions. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, adulthood, and sobriety, and it will force you to snap out of your victim mentality. Aloofness, martyrdom, and dissociation are out. The visionaries are coming, and they must have their feet firmly in this reality. Are you ready to get in fighting shape?


These horoscopes are best applied to your rising sign, or ascendant. If you have any planets in the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius), Saturn will be interacting with them over the next few years, and those mutable rising signs will feel its impact heaviest. If you were born with Saturn in Pisces, you’re in for your Saturn Return; in Virgo, your Saturn opposition; Gemini and Sagittarius, your Saturn square. Consider any of these to be something of a seven-year cosmic check-in, when the dark master sets you up for a review of where you’ve been and where you’re going. It’s all good, if you’re open to change your ways. Whatever your sign, trust that the lessons to come will serve you.


Since 2018, you’ve made profound upgrades to your self-confidence and social standing. You’ve been challenged to align your career ambitions with your higher values, even when it’s been painful. You’re at the summit of a new creative saga, like Alexander the Great surveying a vast unconquered country. Now that you’ve been exposed to more possibilities, it’s time to make some cuts. What friend groups, relationships, habits, and self-sabotaging behaviors must be addressed and processed? Saturn’s tour of Pisces goes down in your twelfth house of closure, imbuing every ending with a sense of karmic release. Bury your dead with honor now, so that your new life won’t be haunted.


To say that the last five years have been a reckoning would be the understatement of the century. But it’s not all been devastation. More than ever, you know who you are and what you’re about. Pisces rules your eleventh house: the arena of community, ethos, and legacy. Who is your tribe, how do they align with your values, and how do you want to serve them? The career sacrifices and reboots you’ve undergone over the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle begin to yield fruit as you encounter your real community. But for that to happen, more shedding will be asked of you. Let go of stale friend groups, RSVP “NO” to weddings you don’t care about, and allow yourself some space to find your people. This is a culmination point, when you’re ready to share your gifts with the world. Make sure the right ones are receiving you.


Pisces rules your tenth house, the arena of career and public esteem. As Robert Hand writes in Planets in Transit, “if you are ever to be a leader, it will be now.” As the planet of mastery and authority moves into its ruling house, you’re invited to step into the light and take decisive action. Here’s where it gets complicated: the tenth house not only deals with our ambitions, but how they are rooted in (and complicated by) our family and history. If you employ workaholism to overcompensate for a lack of love, your house of cards will come crashing down. Ensure that your home is buttressed, fortified, and full of support so that you’re not living an unsustainable lie. Tend to your home and family, and immortal glory is yours for the taking.


Take yourself seriously, because everyone else is paying attention. Jupiter and Uranus have paved the way for massive growth in your tenth and eleventh houses of career and community. Now Saturn arrives in Pisces, in your ninth house of expanding horizons, to deliver you to your audience. In the ninth, Pisces exposes you to schools, institutions, professional groups, and mentors who can deliver you to your next level. Saturn will reward study, focus, and exposure. Confront any ingrown rebellion or hostility towards those you perceive to be gatekeepers. Deal with your hangups around competition. Now is the time to lay out your long-term plan, and recruit for it. You know where you’re going. Stop waiting around.


Saturn’s tour of Aquarius, in your seventh house of others, blew up your understanding of relationships. You don’t want to play the same old role anymore. With Jupiter illuminating your career arena over 2023 and 2024, you’re incandescent. But to be seen at your most radiant, you’ll have to cast away dead skin once and for all. Saturn is now in your eighth house of metamorphosis, the critical crossing where we pass from one phase of life into the next. You may be phasing out your single identity in preparation to step under the chuppah, finally cutting yourself off from financial dependence on your parents, or even beginning a new chapter of sexual exploration. One way or another, Saturn will melt down your old crutches for scrap and force you to evolve. Let go of your childhood blanket and buy new bedding. The world is demanding you and your gifts; don’t deliver them an outdated self.


Over the next few years, Jupiter marches triumphantly through the public quadrant of your chart, peaking in Gemini, in your career arena, from 2024–2025. You’re hot right now, with no sign of slowing down. The question is: As you rise, who is coming with you? With Saturn in your seventh house of others, the mirror effect goes into overdrive. How is expanded public exposure validating, confusing, or warping your sense of self? Which relationships launch you forward, teach you, and inspire you? Which relationships hold you back? You will have to recruit every ride or die in your life to help you confront your blind spots. When are you projecting your bullsh*t onto others, and when are you making concessions to keep everyone happy? Strengthen your relationship boundaries, and they’ll be the chariot to your destined ascent.


Before Saturn moves into Aries, in your seventh house of others, it must tour Pisces, in your sixth house of boundaries, to get your act together. In Planets in Transit, Robert Hand writes that this transit “can be compared to preparing for a debut. You have to put everything in order so that you will make the maximum impact.” Indeed, with the Aries-Libra eclipse cycle reconnecting your private self and public persona, you’re preparing to be seen in a whole new way. Now’s the time to negotiate. When have you given it all up for too little? What are your hard lines? Set up your contracts, protections, and limits now so that Saturn can take you on the big time — without threat of compromise.


Uranus has been pummeling Taurus, in your seventh house of relationships, for some time now. But with Saturn entering your fifth house of romance, you get to strike back. The fifth is the domain of pleasure, creativity, love affairs, and experiences which imbue us with life. If you have an artistic practice, are you giving it enough love and time? Do you actually do any of the supposedly fun things you describe in your dating profile? How are you expressing yourself? It’s time to take an active role in your own joy, and not just endure the circumstances. Set the terms and hours of your artistry, and lead the charge on how you enjoy yourself. No more waiting for someone to deliver you a new life.


Jupiter’s 2021-2022 tour of Pisces blasted open the root of your chart: the fourth house of home, family, and foundation. You’ve experienced the vision, now we get to the building. Whether you’re financing a literal house, reinforcing psychic firmaments via therapy, expanding your family, or even reconnecting with your roots, you’re going to need some scaffolding. You can’t wing the reconstruction of your life. Find support, save money, have conversations, and lay out a plan. Even if you’re just painting the walls of your fifth-floor studio apartment, this is the base of your entire reality. Invest everything into a harmonious, spiritually sound home for yourself, and anything will be possible.


In your chart, Pisces rules your third house of daily life — that chaotic whirlpool of people, text messages, routines, goals, and vices that form the culture of your existence. As Saturn enters this domain, and the new Aries-Libra eclipse cycle fires off on your home-career axis, the focus is on the everyday. What are you waking up to? Whose life are you living? Look around at the conversations, habits, and time patterns which have fallen into ruts, and consider how you could imbue the mundane with a sense of divine intention. Cut out the static and start finely tuning. There’s a clear frequency that’s only yours to hear.


Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius, the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle, the Saturn-Uranus squares: No one could accuse you of sailing through the last few years. The entire narrative around home, ambition, and self-projection has changed. You’re unrecognizable from who you were at the turn of the decade. Saturn wants to help you honor the internal changes by upgrading your outer worth. How do you share your originality with the world? And what do you bill for it? How are the values you’ve cultivated these past years reflected in your style sensibility, business ethos and dating profile? We’re long clear on the fact that you’re a singular entity in the history of the universe. Why keep it a secret? Why undersell what you’ve got?


The last few years have felt like one ambush after another, brutal “lessons” you couldn’t have seen coming, and unconscious reactions bubbling up from the depths. That was Saturn, in your twelfth house of self-sabotage, revealing to you your blind spots, even and especially when you’d rather not look. Now, as Saturn begins a new cycle in your home sign, you get to approach the dark master as a collaborator and teacher. This is an opportunity to consciously give your life shape. What are your needs, boundaries, and ambitions? Who do you want to be in the world? How do you want to express yourself? Incorporate what you’ve learned these past few years and start building. No more reactivity and aloofness. You’re taking form.